Nation Builders

Vida Goldstein

Vida Goldstein was part of the Australian Suffragette movement. She fought for women’s rights. She was born on the 13 April 1869 and died on the 15 August 1949. She was also the first women elected to the national parliament. I choose Vida because she was a very brave woman. She stood for our rights and if it wasn’t for her today we wouldn’t be allowed to vote or even maybe go to school like the boys.

Nation Builders

Peter Lalor

This week’s Nation Builder is Peter Lalor. I chose Peter Lalor because he stood up for the poor miners who were being treated badly by the government at that time. He led the Eureka Stockade rebellion that fought for miners rights. After the rebellion, he was elected to represent Ballarat miners in the Victorian Parliament. Peter Lalor is remembered with a statue in Ballarat, a suburb of Melbourne is named after him, and there is also a seat in the Australian Federal Parliament named after him.

Nation Builders

Charles Joseph LaTrobe

Charles Joseph LaTrobe was Victoria’s first governor. He was born on the 20th of March in 1801, in London. He was married to Rose Isabelle De Meuron. There are a lot of things named after him, for example, LaTrobe University and LaTrobe Street. Here is how he became Victoria’s first Governor… When Victoria was still part of NSW, he was chosen in 1839 by the NSW government to be the manager of The Port Phillip District. When Victoria separated from NSW  in 1851, Charles Joseph LaTrobe was made the Lieutenant- Governor of the new colony. 

For more information about Charles Joseph LaTrobe, you can go to this website.

Nation Builders

This week’s Nation Builder is William Cooper.

William Cooper fought for indigenous rights. He believed that Aboriginal people should be represented in Parliament. He spent most of his life near the junction of Murray and Goulburn rivers. William Cooper died in 1941, a few years before, most of what he fought for was finally achieved. He inspired a generation of leaders like Sir Doug Nicholls. 


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Nation Builders

Hi everyone I am Sebastian S and I am in charge of choosing this week’s nation builder. I have chosen Edith Cowan who was the first woman elected to parliament in Australia. I think she was a nation builder because she showed that woman can do things just as well as men.  She also fought for women’s rights. If you would like to know more click this website.

Nation Builders

This week’s nation builder is Dame Nellie Melba.

Dame Nellie Melba was a world famous soprano opera singer. She was born 1861 and died in 1931. She was born and raised in Richmond, Victoria. Her parents had named her Helen Porter Mitchell and she changed her name to Nellie Melba when she started her singing career. She came up with her stage name by using Nellie which was her family’s nickname for her, and Melba which was short for Melbourne. She made her first stage appearance in Brussels, Belgium in 1887, playing the role of Gilda in the opera called Rigoletto. Dame Nellie Melba performed in operas all over the world. She appears on the Australian 100 dollar note and has two foods named in her honour;  Melba toast and the peach Melba.

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Nation Builders

The Nation Builder of the week is Mary MacKillop.

Mary MacKillop was born in 1842 and died in 1909, she was born in Fitzroy Melbourne and was the oldest of eight children. Mary always cared for the people who had no one to look after them, and the people who were poor and walked along the streets. In March 1886 (which is now known as St.Joseph’s Day) she opened a school for those who couldn’t afford to go to school with a man named Father Julian Tension Woods. In Adelaide, she also opened an orphanage for women who had nowhere to live, an orphanage for children who had no one to look after them and a house where poor people could come and stay. 

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Nation Builders

The Nation Builder of the week is Eddie Mabo.

Eddie Mabo stood up for the rights of his people, (the Aboriginals)  so they could live a normal life, and claim back their land/country because the British had taken it from them.

 He is important to Australia because he has changed the rights for the Aboriginals so that now we are a fair country that acknowledges the land we live on was rightfully and originally their’s.

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