Junior Scientist

In 5/6 we made ‘Newton’s Colour Wheel’ to prove that white light is made of seven colours. You can see the colour white when you spin the wheel fast enough.

Here is how you make one.


  • Hole Puncher
  • Colored Texters (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet)
  • Paper Plate
  • Cardboard Template(circle)
  • String (36inch piece)

What to do:

  1. Trace the template onto the plastic plate
  2. cut it out
  3. Split into 6 equivalent parts
  4. then colour in rainbow order
  5. Paste template behind plastic circle
  6. hole punch 2 times in the middle
  7. put the string in the holes
  8. and tie a knot in between the string then spin the circle forward.


Italian Poetry Competition 2017

Gemma, Fabian, Greta, Chloe and Mia took part in the annual Eastern Region Italian Poetry Competition today. Our students did an amazing  job of reciting their poems in front of an audience of about 100 people and I am very proud of their efforts. Molto bravi.


Blog Buddies

“Maple Class Blog” from St Mary’s PS (Hampshire, UK)

Hi, my name is Nicole and for this week I am in charge of choosing “Blog Post of the Week.”  I have decided to award it to St. Mary’s Primary School in Hampshire (in the UK).

They have posted about their science unit on plants. Make sure you have a look on their blog.

You can’t leave a comment on their blog, but make sure you have a look.


Year 5 /6 Book Trailers

I am certain you have all heard of film trailers which persuade us to go and watch a movie. In 5 /6 we have created book trailers to promote books that we have read and enjoyed. We hope you are persuaded to read some of these books by watching our book trailers. We created the trailers as part of a home learning task. Watch these trailers and let us know if you are persuaded to read these books. Tell us which book you are persuaded to read. 


Sweet Treat Shop

In InquiRE we have been learning about ways we can walk in Jesus’ footsteps. We helped our community by doing Doncare and we would like to help the world. We want to help the children in Vanuatu.

We would like to raise money for these children and we will be running a sweet treat shop. A sweet treat shop is a shop where the preps will sell yummy sweets. Here are some photos of us making our poster for around the school.

Keep watching the blog for more posts with information about this sweet treat shop!!



1/2KC ICT Lesson

This week, for our ICT lesson with Mr Cotela, we used the NEW chrome books for the first time. We learnt how to log on with our own username and password. 

We learnt how to open up a new page in a Word document and save it to work on later!

Learning how to change the font characters, size of the writing and colour was amazing!!!!

1/2KC can’t wait to learn more next time!!!

Book Club!

Three year 4 girls have formed a little Book Club reading The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do. “The extraordinary true story of a boy’s journey from starvation at sea to becoming one of Australia’s best – loved comedians.” We talk about what is happening and how we are enjoying it. We laugh at the funny bits together!

Book Bags

Year 5/6 have been busily working on their latest homework assignment; creating a Book Bag. The children chose a favourite book to share with the class and completed a series of activities. Here are Portia and Sarina with their Book Bags. Both girls included a range of outstanding props to explain their text. 

Doncare Pick Up

Doncare came to pick up all items today.
In 1/2 we got to ask lots of questions about the families who rely on Doncare. 
We even got to help them load up the items into their cars.

Thanks to everyone who donated something, and well done to all the classes!
A special congratulations to 3/4CA and 3/4BM who both had a total of 316 each. The BBQ will be in the last week of term.
The school TOTAL was 2013 items!



In 5/6 we have been learning about light, and all the ways light travels, bends and is reflected.

Today we learnt about white light. White light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. When white light hits a certain object the light is split up into all of its colours and is what we see as a rainbow.

We decided to try it our self’s. We used a mirror, white paper, and a jug filed with water.

Here are some of our rainbows.


3/4 Abstract Painting

The 3/4 classes have been busy creating an abstract painting by mixing primary colours to secondary colours. In the first lesson  yellow and red were mixed to make orange. In the next lesson blue and yellow were mixed to make green. Finally red and blue were mixed to make purple. We also learnt about making tints by adding white to the colours. Detail was added and the art work was framed on black paper.

What would you like to tell our community about your art 3/4 students?


Food Drive Update

Doncare Food Drive

It’s the final week this week for the Doncare Food Drive, but the class competition isn’t over!
This week we need to bring in washing powder and toothpaste tubes. 
The current tally stands at:


3/4BM – 220 items
1/2C – 202 items
Prep J – 145 items
5/6M – 144 items
Prep L – 102 items
3/4CA – 68 items
5/6SC – 68 items
1/2IC – 57 items
1/2KC – 42 items
3/4C – 38  items




The Italian alphabet has only 21 letters and many of the letters make different sounds in Italian than they do in English. In 1/2 the students have been exploring these sounds and finding new words that begin with each letter.

Listen to Samuel, Isla and Alexander saying the Italian alphabet. Che bravi!





Lego Club

Hi everyone, it is Lucas here.

We had a great time at Lego Club today. Here are the top three creations from today!

Here are the top three creations from today’s session!

Here is Alex (3/4BM) and his creation “The Radioactive Stuff Carrier”

Jasleen and Eve with their creation.

Here is Kyna and her creation “The Flower Spinner”

Here are the rest of the creations from today:








Thank you to everyone who came and remember that Lego Club begins at the start of lunch now.

Our Fun Week Doing Book Week

This week is BOOK WEEK!! It has been a week of getting our hands messy with all of our craft activities. We read a book each day and followed on with an activity; we have made snow, snowflakes, a nanny, a seagull and a bookmark. Even though we made mess, we know how to clean it up! Here are some photos of us during book week.  



Imaginative Prayer- The road to Emmaus

3/4CA absolutely loved their imaginative prayer experience of the Last Supper two weeks ago, so much so that they requested another opportunity to meditate on Scripture. 
With first Holy Communion celebrations in full swing we decided to read The Road to Emmaus story from Luke’s gospel where Jesus joins two of his friends on their journey home and reveals himself to them through the breaking of bread and the sharing of a meal.
The message of this story is that Jesus will always keep his promise and be with us in our daily lives. More importantly if we are feeling lost or hopeless we can always find Jesus in the Eucharist at mass.
Some students from the class will be publishing their reflections and adding to this post. Please read them to see what amazing encounters children can have when given the opportunity to spend time in reflection with the Lord.