We have been learning about information reports this week.

We have been looking at the features of information reports. Did you know information reports have headings, a contents page, an index page and they use photographs to teach us more about a topic!

We have been looking at the photographs and noticed the labels. A label is key words to tell you more information about the picture.

We labelled Orlie and Miss Lockyer’s dog Hagrid!

Feast of the Assumption

This week we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The Assumption celebrates God’s faithfulness to Mary in life and death. On this day we remember especially that after her death Mary was given the fullness of life. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, co-operated in God’s plan with complete faith and trust. She is a model for all believers. The events of Mary’s life presented her with many times of joy and of sorrow. At all times she believed in God’s love for her, and she showed great care and concern for others.

Kathryn kicks in slow motion

This is the video on the Collingwood football club website that talks about the success of the recent Girls footy day.

Meg Hutchins is the narrator and it features Emma King – the ruck for Collingwood, who came to our school at the beginning of the year to run clinics for all our students.

It has a great slow motion clip of Kathryn having a kick.

AFLW Carnival

Two of our AFL Women's stars uphold the Magpies' name on the road.Get a glimpse at the work done at the School Sport Victoria Girls Footy Gala Day.

Posted by Collingwood Football Club on Tuesday, 1 August 2017


1/2 Clay Sea Turtles

The 1/2 classes have used clay this term to create a sea turtle. They rolled a piece of clay into a ball and pressed it down onto a texture plate to create a pattern for the shell of the turtle.  Next they rolled three equal coils that made the head, legs and tail of the turtle. They used slip (watered down clay) on a toothbrush to join all the parts together and smoothed them with their finger. They pressed eyes onto the head, shaped the legs and added a mouth. The turtles have been drying in the Art Room, and will be ready to paint next week!


Hoop Hoop Hooray

Last Friday we were represented by two teams from our school in the Hooptime tournament.

The boys got to the final and were very competitive.

The girls get to go  to the next stage.

There was heaps of support from many parents and siblings.

Special thanks to Adam Tilley, Narelle Randazzo and Portia Theodorou for all their hard work.

Lego Club

Hi my name is Ethan and I am one of the coordinators of Lego Club. Today, we had another good turnout with about 30 people. It was great to see all of the different things everyone was making. These are the top creations for today:


This is Samuel’s creation called, “The Monster.”

This is Luca and Samuel’s creation called “The House”.

This is Alessia, Caitlin, Chloe, Teagan and Gemma’s creation called “The Yetis”








These are the other creations of the day.





A New Teacher in Town

Yesterday in Inquiry a special new teacher came and taught the Preps about being a scientist. Mr Xavier took over Miss Jewson’s job because of his fantastic knowledge of what scientist do; ask questions, make predictions, observe and record.

He was so amazing that Mr Thomas gave him the principal’s position at St Charles!! Congratulations and welcome to the new staff member, Mr Xavier.

Do You Know About the Properties of Light?


Light passes through some materials better than others. Some materials can be transparent, like a fish bowl.  Other materials that allow some light to pass through are translucent, and then there are some materials where no light passes through. These are opaque.

Why don’t you look around your house and garden and see how many of these materials you have at home?  Test some materials and prove what type of materials they are.

All you need is a torch.


This week the preps are learning about procedure.  

A procedure tells us how to do something.

A procedure has:

  • GOAL: This tells us what we are doing
  • MATERIALS:  This tells us what we need. We use dot points.
  • STEPS: This tells us what to do. We need to number each step. Each step starts with a ‘doing word’.

We have been cooking chocolate balls, making origami animals, puppets and cress heads by reading procedures. 

Also, have a look at Teddy who wrote a procedure about ‘How to make breakfast’.

The Lost Sheep

In InquiRE, we have been focusing on the parables of Jesus. We read the story ‘The Lost Sheep’ and spoke about how God is our shepherd and we are his sheep. We spoke about times or actions that we might have done to make us a lost sheep like saying mean things and how we can resolve these actions.

Here is a photo of our sheep we made.


Book Week

This year Erin and I (Library Monitors) will organise a vote to see which picture story book the students at St Charles Borromeo think is the best. It will be interesting to see whether it will be the same as the one that the Children Books Council of Australia will select.

Over the next few weeks, we will present to you all of the picture story books have been nominated. Let us know what you think.

Term 3

Hello Everyone and welcome back to TERM 3!!!

Is everyone excited, I know I am :D.

I had so much fun during the holidays but I’m really looking forward to knowing what everyone else has done.

Comment down below what you did during the holidays or what you’re looking forward to at school.

Term 3 is the term for athletics

We have our athletic trials on Thursday the 3rd of August at Willinda Park in Greensborough. From that day we choose our team to represent us at the District Athletics on Tuesday the 19th of September.

Earlier this year I was lucky to attend the Nitro Athletics as part of some professional development I was doing on athletics.


I was very impressed by the skills on show, especially by this person you might recognise: USAIN BOLT!!!!

Rome Update

Yesterday, I saw the papal address and visited Domus Australia. Domus Australia is an amazing church. it has been renovated and is now a church for Australian visitors. The renovation has given the church an Australian theme with small altars dedicated to Mary MacKillop and Archbishop Daniel Mannix. The painting below is a depiction of the first Catholic Mass in Australia. At that time, it was considered an illegal gathering. From this first gathering, our faith community has grown so much. Domus Australia serves as a reminder of when we visit or move to another country how important faith is to our identity. 


Irises by 5/6

The National Gallery of Victoria has an exhibition by Vincent Van Gogh on display until July 12th called Van Gogh and the Seasons. The 5/6 students have recently looked at recreating a painting from 1889 by Vincent Van Gogh called Irises. They thought about the painting in sections- foreground, middle ground and background. They drew lines and shapes with black oil pastel and began to paint their work to create an effect of texture. We will continue to work on this in Term 3.

Lego Club

This was the last Lego Club for this term. It will return next term. On behalf of the team, I just want so say big thanks to everyone for supporting Lego Club. We could not have done it without everyone’s’ support.

Here are the top three Lego creations from today’s Lego Club.

Alex (3/4 BM)

David (5/6 M)

Eamon (Prep L)