Game Hub

  • THE FISHY GAME (By Fabian 5/6SC) – Using the arrow keys, move the fish and try to get the key.  Can you make it through all of the levels?
  • Dogde’em (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Move the blob with your mouse and see how long you can dodge the red balls.
  • TNT (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Use The Arrow Keys To Move Around. And Space To Drop TNT.
  • FLAPPY BIRD! (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Get through the gaps by pressing the space key.
  • One Life Wonder (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Use the arrow keys to move. There are ten levels (not including the two boss levels). To defeat the boss you must jump onto the green part of the eye.
  • Remote Control Buggy (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Move using the arrow keys and use the down arrow key to brake.
  • DDTB (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Click on the ball to keep it up in the air. If the ball touches the ground the timer will reset. Click the green flag to try again
  • Super Pong (By Lucas S 5/6SC) – Move the mouse and try to keep the ball in the air. 
  • The  Adventure of Pixel Duck (By Lucas S & Jack S) – Use the arrows to move and jump.
  • Crab Maze (By Mr C) – Use the arrows to eat the apples and oranges. Don’t touch the walls and stay away from the star!
  • Car Challenge (By Mr C) – Use the arrow keys to drive and press the spacebar to beep the horn. Get points by driving through the numbers and lose points by driving through the red Xs.
  • Castle Madness (By Mr C) – Use the arrow keys to move the knight. Save the unicorn, but watch out for the ghost and witch!