1/2KC ICT Lesson

This week, for our ICT lesson with Mr Cotela, we used the NEW chrome books for the first time. We learnt how to log on with our own username and password. 

We learnt how to open up a new page in a Word document and save it to work on later!

Learning how to change the font characters, size of the writing and colour was amazing!!!!

1/2KC can’t wait to learn more next time!!!

1/2 Level Cyber Safety Sessions

In the 1/2 Level, we have been learning about cyber safety.      

We learnt about keeping our personal information private. This means never let anyone know information that identifies them like: where they live, school name, address, full name, sports clubs, parents’ and siblings’ full names.

We also spoke about being safe when talking to online friends to keep and protect our personal information and never meet an online friend without taking a parent or carer along.

We also looked at a game called ‘Pick Your Friends’ on the computer which gives students a chance to identify whether the characters in the game are telling the truth or a lie about themselves, in knowing how to identify a true friend and being safe!

You can have a go at the game, by logging on to the following link!   https://www.esafety.gov.au/access/games_index.html 


We just had to show you all the fun we had driving, programming and  controlling Sphero. 

Watch these video clips and join in our excitement. 


We actually learnt more about angles and decimals. Let me know what you think about Sphero.  Are they a great learning tool?

Sphero visits St Charles!

Sphero visits the 3/4 Level!
In 3/4 we have been learning how to control robots called Sphero. Nathan (Ariella and Kalita’s Dad), helped us to control the robots using apps called Tickle and Sphero Lab. We were given activities and lines to use to help us control the robots better. 

image image

What do you think of Sphero?


Programmers Club




It has been a frustrating few weeks for the programmers at St Charles Borromeo with another session having to be cancelled due to heat. Unfortunately, when  students are kept in at lunch I have to help supervise classes.

We will try again on Tuesday, 8 March.

Some students have asked what Programmers Club is all about. Here is a video introducing Scratch:

Here is a video explaining why it is important children learn to program (code):

What do you think? Is it important to learn how to program?