Do You Know About the Properties of Light?


Light passes through some materials better than others. Some materials can be transparent, like a fish bowl.  Other materials that allow some light to pass through are translucent, and then there are some materials where no light passes through. These are opaque.

Why don’t you look around your house and garden and see how many of these materials you have at home?  Test some materials and prove what type of materials they are.

All you need is a torch.


Today we went to the Old Treasury Building and Parliament House. The Old Treasury was designed by nineteen-year-old architect  JJ Clark.  It is a grand building showing the wealth that was in Victoria during the Gold Rush Years.  This is one of the rooms we saw.  We also went to Parliament House where the Laws that affect Victoria are made and are passed.  We learnt about the two houses- The Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.  

We had a great time and learnt a lot about our history!

We would love to hear your thoughts about the laws we have. Did you know that anyone can suggest that laws should be changed or introduced?  Is there a law that you think we as Victorians should have? We would love to hear your opinions. Please post here! 

Today was GOLD!!!!

Today, the 3/4 Level and an entourage of Staff and Parents ventured to Sovereign Hill in search of GOLD! Our Inquiry unit this term is centered around the Gold Rush in the 1800’s:

  • what life was like during this time
  • multiculturalism on the goldfields (in particular, the Chinese)
  • the effect the gold rush had on Australia’s development as a nation

We had such a fabulous day! The students learned so much and were engaged from start to finish. While most of us were able to find a few speckles of gold when panning, it was Celia Abdo (Elyssia’s Mum) who struck it rich. She was able to hold a pure gold brick worth $160,000!! If only it was hers to keep!

Thank you to our supportive Angels and parent helpers and congratulations to our WONDERFUL, respectful and perfectly behaved students who did us proud once again!

Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about the excursion…

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Bullystoppers Expo- Oh what a night!

It was a fabulous celebration of learning and fun when the 3/4 Level showcased their Bullystoppers projects on Thursday night! We had an amazing turn-out from family and friends to support our action teams present workshops on: Cyber Bullying, Racial Bullying, Frenemies as well as many, many more! Well done to every student on the effort, enthusiasm and pride they’ve put into Bullystoppers this term!

Bullystoppers: I AM JACK

In 3/4 this term, we are learning more about the term ‘bully’ and the different behaviours associated with bullying. Through the guidance of Kate Wilde and the story ‘I am Jack’ by Susanne Gervay, student action teams are currently researching and preparing a presentation for the end of term Bullystoppers evening. We are also eagerly awaiting a visit from Susanne Gervay on March 17th as part of National Day Against Bullying. Take some time to ask a 3/4 student their thoughts about this book and programme, we would love to share our insights with you!



Passion Projects are fun. We could choose anything that interested us around the topic Australian Flora and Fauna. we researched what really gave us a buzz. We presented out work in small groups last Friday. The topics were so different.

Here are a few topics we investigated:   Aussie Birds, Endangered Australian Animals, Introduced Species into Australia, Bulldog Rat, Endangered Birds & Native Animals. 

We shared our projects and taught our classmates what we learnt.  We learnt so much from each other. Best way to Learn! 

img_1755       img_1756  img_1757     img_1758

img_1759    img_1760img_1761  img_1762  img_1763  img_1764




Egg Drop Landers

Have you ever made an Egg Drop Lander? At the 3 /4 level we have extended  our learning on Space by investigating the concept of gravity.  To apply what we have learnt about how objects are pulled into the centre of Earth by the force of Gravity, we have made an Egg Drop Lander.  As part of this project we collaborated with a learning partner in designing and producing the lander.  

Here are some engineers at work.                              

image (5)      image (7)   image (9)


We will launch and TEST the Egg Lander soon. We wonder if our designs will keep the raw egg safe and land in one piece. 

image (8) image (6)  image (10)

STARLAB’S visit to St Charles

                                                 IMG_1478Starlab  an inflatable dome, came to St Charles last Friday. The 3/4 level was treated to an exciting incursion where we were lucky to see the night sky, constellation graphics, and Earth maps in the Starlab Cosmodome.

We learnt about the size of the Sun which keeps Earth warm and enables all living things to continue living. Did you know that there are other bodies in the universe that are much bigger and larger that the sun? The images below show this.

IMG_1490         IMG_1491


We also saw images of the constellations. IMG_1503 

Did you also know that August is one of the best months of the year to observe the night sky?  During August we can see some of the planets with the naked eye- that is without telescopes.  During the last week of August you will be able to see Mars, Saturn, and the red star Antares. On August 27 you will be be lucky enough to see both Venus and Jupiter as they come together. this will not occur again until the year 2065. So why not go out and see what you can see in the night sky? Let us know what you observe. 

Mars Posters

This term for Inquiry we are learning and wondering whether we could live on Mars. We did an art activity where we had to use different materials of different colours and shapes to create a poster with a partner that looks like the surface of Mars. All of the posters turned out amazing and stood out, everyone did an awesome job at creating this poster and completing this art and craft activity. Well done 5/6s!


What do you know about the Sun, Moon, Earth System?

In 3/4 we  learning about our amazing universe. these past two weeks we have investigated the Sun, Moon, Earth System. We have made working models of the system where the Earth spins and orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbiting the Earth. 

Paige: The Earth is 100 times smaller than the Sun.

Lucas: The Moon orbits around the Earth, The Earth orbits around the Sun. it takes the Earth a year to orbit around the sun.

Alessia P: the Earth is four times larger than the Sun.

Stephanie: The Earth spins around the sun, while the Moon rotates around the Earth.

Here are some of our working models of the Sun, Moon, Earth System.  What do you know about this important System? Let us know! 

Inquiry Interviews

Image result for different cultures of the worldOur topic for Inquiry this term is ‘One Nation Many People’. This term in Inquiry the 5\6s have been looking at migration from a different country. Earlier in the term Kate Wilde came in to talk to us about refugees ,asylum seekers and immigrants. From then we have now been working on our own presentation to share to the class. We had to interview a person that had come to Australia from a different country. 


Grade 3-4 presetation 9-10am_1 (1)The 3/4 level has had some interesting and notable visitors to the classrooms this week. Have you heard of these people; Mary Wade, Elizabeth Hayward, Phoebe Flarty, Captain James Cook, Captain Arthur Phillip, William Dampier, Dirk Hartog, William Buckley, Deborah Ellam, Bennelong? 

Some are convicts, some are navigators and explorers and one is even the first governor of New South Wales.  He had the task of setting up the new colony in 1788. 

Here they are! Can you figure out who is who?  Let us know if you recognise any of these notable people from our history? 




We communicated our learning to our parents, family members and our classmates.  

Museum Melbourne


(Click to enlarge)

The Melbourne Museum is filled with many exciting and wonderful objects from the past. The 3/4 level had an exhausting but exhilarating day learning about the life of our First Australians as part of our history topic. Here are some words that we thought described the day!


In the Bunjilaka gallery we had a lesson and we used Ipad technology to record our learning. Have a listen to some of our work. 

Tell us what you think about the Museum and what we did? 


5/6 InquiRE

In 5/6 we have been researching InquiRE questions about our Christianity: 

  • Why do we celebrate the seven Sacraments?
  • How do people know that God is real?
  • What does God look like?
  • Do you have to be baptized to be a Catholic?
  • How did the Bible begin? 
  • Why is the Church a sacred place?

Please comment or add a question you would like to find the answer to about the Catholic Religion.


Cook’ s Cottage Excursion

CookscottageOn Monday, 2nd May, the Grade 3/4’s went on an excursion to Cook’s Cottage. 3/4KC has written an Acrostic Poem with the knowledge they learnt about this special house.



Conservatory housed of a variety beautiful plants

Old cottage built in 1755

Overwhelmed by the size of the cottage and the experience of seeing it

Kept by Melbourne Trust

Situated  at Fitzroy Gardens


Curious how they lived in such a small house

Owners of the cottage were Captain Cook’s parents, James and Grace Cook

The scarred Tree is special to the Indigenous People

Transported from a village of Great Ayton, Yorkshire in England

Attracts many tourist from all over the world

Great opportunity to see Cook’s Cottage, a place he grew up in

Educational for everyone!

3/4 Homework Task


Ask a family member or a friend what they believe is the most important/ interesting or exciting moment in Australia’s history.

Post a comment that says:

  1. Who you asked (do not use full names, just write ‘Mum’, ‘Grandpa’, etc)

  2. What they thought was most important or interesting or exciting

  3. Why they believe it to be important or interesting or exciting

I look forward to reading your responses!

Caritas Day

On Friday, the 5/6’s will be hosting Caritas Day. The students will be rotating between 3 different groups.

The groups are;

Caritas Cafe: Students will be able to purchase food from these stalls. (No more than $3)

Education: Students will be able to learn a bit more about Caritas and countries Caritas helps.

Sport and Art Activity: Students will be able to choose to do a sport or an art activity to do with Caritas.

We are looking forward to the day, we hope you enjoy the tasks.


5/6 Visit from Fair Trade Australia

This week in 5/6 we received a visit from Erin from Fair Trade Australia to help teach us more about what Fair Trade is, which products are more ethical than others and what we can do as consumers to help the cause. In addition to learning some fantastic new information, we also played some fun games and did some quizzes. Students were so enthusiastic after this presentation that it has been decided that the 5/6s will run a Fair Trade session with the whole school, including education, games and activities. This date will be decided on and put on the calendar soon :).

Fair Trade-1 Fair Trade-2 Fair Trade 3 Fair Trade 4