Year 5 /6 Book Trailers

I am certain you have all heard of film trailers which persuade us to go and watch a movie. In 5 /6 we have created book trailers to promote books that we have read and enjoyed. We hope you are persuaded to read some of these books by watching our book trailers. We created the trailers as part of a home learning task. Watch these trailers and let us know if you are persuaded to read these books. Tell us which book you are persuaded to read.


This week we have read many of the picture story books shortlisted by the Children’s Book Council. Ee found them all very diverse and interesting.  The themes ranged from refugees coming into Australia and finding a peaceful way of life as in the story ‘Out’, environmental issues that impact negatively on our environment as in ‘Mechanica’ and family outings as in ‘Rain’ and finally being creative and building fun projects by reusing and recycling house-hold goods as in the story, ‘The Patchwork Bike’.

Here are some of our Patchwork Bike designs by using common house-hold items.  We think they are very original. Let us know what you think.







Here is our mural and artistic responses to Mechanica.

5/6H’s Fun with Fairy Tales

In 5/6H we have been having some fun with fairy tales :). We have been reading fairy tales together then getting into small groups and taking on a specific fairy tale and changing it by altering the ending or the characters (or both). We have had some fantastic and very funny results :)! This activity has allowed students to be extremely creative and collaborative in working together to come up with new stories.



In 3/4 we have been reading and writing poems. One of our favourites is by Roald Dahl, The Dentist and the Crocodile.

We have been busy learning about poetic techniques; 

Similes, Alliteration, OnomatopoeiaRhyme, Repetition and Imagery.

We have written our own poems and we had our own recital in our library. 

We illustrated our poems using collage techniques. 

IMG_1381IMG_1379 IMG_1380 Listen to some of our creative poets reciting their poems.  What poetic techniques can you recognise in their work! hope you enjoy them! 

Reading Rotations!

IMGP0073This term, the 5/6’s have started reading rotations. There are lots of different activities to do, like artist illustrator, reciprocal reading a text with your group and your teacher, a computer task and an activity to make connections with the book you’re reading. In reciprocal reading, we predict, we read, we clarify, we question, and we summarise in a small group. IMGP0075

Boy Overboard: 5/6C’s new book

In 5/6 C, we are reading the book ‘Boy Overboard’. This book is about a young boy called Jamal and his sister Bibi who dream about the World Cup and leading Australia to glory. They live in Afghanistan, where it’s in the middle of a war.  The Government is taking control and everyone is in danger. I find this book very interesting and it’s a big cliffhanger. Morris Gleitzman (author of the book) is a very good author and this suits how he writes. If you have read this book, please leave a comment!


Open-Minded Portraits

portraitsIn 3/4KC we read the book “Boss of the Pool”. There were two main characters in the book, Shelley and Ben. Shelley’s mum worked at a hostel where Ben lived. The students chose one of these characters to illustrate and write about themselves being that character.

Here are some phrases that the children wrote about being that character!


  • I had the worst summer holiday ever.
  • My mum works at a boring old hostel which I have to go to.
  • There is a creepy boy named Ben, who can’t pronounce my name!
  • Ben thinks that I’m his girlfriend!
  • My mum works at a hostel as an occupational therapy aid.
  • I have three best friends and their names are Megan, Denise and Petra.
  • I have to stay with old Mrs. Murray, my next door neighbour.


  • I have a friend called Shelley who comes through the week (oh, I love it when she comes).
  • I like my teddy bear and my favourite football time is the Richmond Tigers.
  • Every day I stay by the entry of the hostel waiting for Shelley to arrive.
  • Shelley said I could come in for a swim if I put my bathers on in under 10 secs.
  • I am scared of the pool, but I go in so I can get a silver star.


Learning Lots in Prep

Preps are always busy learning! This week, we have loved our ‘rotations’ for literacy.

We are learning to log in to Reading Eggs ourselves, to learn all about letters and words for reading.

We used the ipads to practise writing and played a game of sound bingo.


We have talked about what we like to do at the beach, then worked with our teacher to write about it and read it back.


We used the beginning sound to read some sentences, and then illustrated each sentence.

Reading Groups are underway in 1/2

Reading Groups have kicked off for the year with children practising the following strategies:

  • Reading to self (independent reading)
  • Reading to someone (partner reading)
  • Checking for understanding (comprehension)
  • Listening to Reading (listening to and following a story on the Interactive whiteboard)
  • Word work (practising spelling using magnetic letters, whiteboards, coloured markers)
  • Reading using ICT (Individual programs using Reading Eggs on the iPads)
  • Guided Reading (Small Group with Teacher instruction)

Students have embraced the above strategies and are working towards staying on-task and focused during group activities.

20160217_095535 20160217_095556 20160217_095637 20160217_095511


    What story is this character from?images      Reading with your child at home

  • When your children see you read and write, it teaches them that reading and writing are useful skills.
  • Reading with your children at home will help them in all areas of their learning at school.
  • Read together with your children and have a range of reading material available at home.
  • Try not to let television  intrude on reading time.
  • Be confident that your child will learn to read and develop their reading skills over time

Sharing our creative writing on the iPad



In 1/2 this term, we have been learning about a range of text types from Exposition and Explanation to revision of our creative writing. This week, student’s planned and composed their own creative stories that started from a ‘seed’ (one idea) and grew from there. I had the pleasure of hearing one child read me the beginning of their story about looking for treasure in the desert! Go 1/2’s!!

Our New Class Novel

1/2C, with the help of the lovely Mrs McPherson, have chosen a new class novel to read this term. Our book of choice is Nim’s Island written by Wendy Orr.  It is an adventure story about a young girl called Nim who lives on a tropical island with her amazing animal friends. We are only part way through but are enjoying it thoroughly so far.

As part of our learning we decided to draw a visual representation of what we think Nim’s island would look like. These are our pictures.

IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1619


Buddy Reading in 1/2

20151021_090624In 1/2, we LOVE reading and sharing our skills with others! This week, we have begun to share our home reading books with our peers so that they can…


1. Hear and see all the strategies we are applying when we read

2. Listen to the story and ask us comprehension questions

3. Give us feedback about how fluent, expressive and confident our reading sounds.

This is really helping us- not only when reading, but also when reading aloud!

20151021_090702 20151021_090720

Book Week Art

Last Monday the whole school celebrated Book Week by participating in an art activity associated with one of the Book Week books. The Preps read Go to Sleep, Jessie. The 1/2s read A House of Her Own. The 3/4s read Pig the Pug and the 5/6s read The Stone Lion. It was great to see everyone engaged in a creative response and sharing their work in a whole school assembly in the afternoon. We explored many art skills as well as enjoying books by Australian authors and illustrators.




All grades busily and creatively participated in a number of different art activities linked to some of the shortlisted books.

Our Library and Art monitors have done a great job in producing  a display of their interpretation of the theme of Book Week this year, BOOKS LIGHT UP OUR WORLD.


                               GREAT DISPLAY…WELL DONE GIRLS!

Poetry in Prep!

Last week, the preps became poets – and they didn’t even know it! (boom boom).

IMG_0167On Tuesday, we read a story called ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’, then we wrote a rhyming poem about undies. We published our undie poems and hung them on the line in the classroom. 

Kalita wrote: I wear my undies to the beach. When I get there, I eat a peach.

Ethan wrote: My undies are cool. I wear them to the pool.


We looked at pictures of monsters and wrote a poem about them.

6Tpo6nM6c           IMG_0168

Jaydon wrote: My monster is smelly. He likes to jump in jelly.

 Alli wrote: My monster is a girl. She has a little curl.

On Thursday, we watched a really cute clip about baby animals before writing a poem about a pet.

You can watch the clip here

Opportunities to Write at Home

kids-writingLike reading, writing becomes an everyday activity at home. Let your child see you writing. Try some of these writing ideas at home:

  • Write a shopping list or add items to the list and tick off the items as you buy or unpack them.
  • Keep a board to write and read family messages.
  • Give your child a pad of sticky notes to write reminders for themselves.
  • Plan and write your weekly menu together.
  • Write captions for photographs in your family photo albums.
  • Write labels for your child’s art works and creations.
  • Make words using magnetic letters and stick them on the fridge.
  • Make and write greeting cards, birthday cards, and thank you notes.
  • Keep a family calendar on display and write down family events.
  • Talk about upcoming events with your child, for example, where, when, and who will be there.

Reference: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development