img_1692As part of the Robotics Unit the Year 3 /4 level has been given a challenge by Mr C. They have to program their Sphero to do some interesting dance moves before they perform at the disco competition. We had great fun programming our dancers to roll, jump, turn, spin and strobe. Watch these movements.  Next time we have to add the  music.  Hope you like this. WE LOVED IT!




We have been learning about angles.  Engineers use many angles in their drawings and designs to make them different, safe and interesting. We designed many buildings. How many angles can you find in our buildings? 


Which Buildings would you like in your backyard? Click onto the picture and view our slide show.


We just had to show you all the fun we had driving, programming and  controlling Sphero. 

Watch these video clips and join in our excitement. 


We actually learnt more about angles and decimals. Let me know what you think about Sphero.  Are they a great learning tool?

Maths Groups

In 5/6 we have maths groups. I am in  Mrs Ibrahim’s group. We are learning about addition and subtraction. We played a maths game called Jet Ski Addition so that we could learn numbers quickly in our head. We also played a game called Addition and Subtraction Tiggy. It’s where someone asks a question like… 12 x 12=  144. If they get it right they get to take a step to try to tag someone. It was so much fun!

Problem Solving

Act it outDraw a picture Guess and check  Make a list Make a table make it simpler Patternwork backwards

What is your favourite problem solving strategy? 

Which one would you use to solve the following problem?

There is a room full of 15 people and everyone shakes hands. Nobody shakes their own hand and each person only shakes hands once with another person. How many handshakes are there in total?

Comment below with your answer and the strategy you used to work it out.

StrategiesforProblemSolvingPosters‘ Thanks to ‘The Colourful Apple’ teacher blog.

Maths in the great outdoors!

IMG_3681In 5/6I we currently have a student teacher from ACU with us, Miss Paolilli! We have enjoyed having her in our class and especially have loved the engaging and fun Maths lessons she has planned.

This week, Miss Paolilli took the students outside for a maths probability lesson. The Year 5/6 students LOVED going outside and learning about the probability of scoring goals in basketball. Once back inside, the 5/6I students worked out the average, fraction and percentage for their scores. They then represented their data in a graph!

IMG_3662  IMG_3664

Mathematics in the 3 /4 Level: Fractions and Decimals

 Fraction, Decimal and Percentage FUN in the 3 /4 level! 

The students in 3 /4 have been making models of fractions, decimals and percentages, as part of of the mathematics teaching and learning experiences. The students have been busy using ‘hands-on’ tasks including paper folding,  100 grid squares and place value knowledge to make the connections between fractions, decimals and percentages. 

They have also investigated how to add fractions using the same denominator and write  fractions as decimal numbers using models.  Here are just a few examples!

IMG_0903     IMG_0904    IMG_0906


Design a Park with that different areas to enjoy; 40% of the park has to be grass; 20% is reserved for the wildlife in the woodlands; 15% are flower beds to admire; 15% id devoted to the children’s playground and finally 5% is left for the pond. Have fun designing the park!

Maths- Fractions

The 3/4 level has commenced learning about fractions and in particular this  fortnight we have explored that fractions3042_Olive-Wood-Fruit-Bowl-32cm are Equal parts of a whole. We have used many concrete materials to describe fractions as part of a whole.

We have learnt terms including, numerator and denominator. 

A fraction is made up of 2 numbers. The top number is called the NUMERATOR and the bottom number is called the DENOMINATOR.

This is one of the problems we have worked on.  

In my fruit bowl, a half of the fruit is made up of 4 apples,

2 kiwi fruit, and 2 oranges.  What could the other half be? 

This is what some us decided was in our fruit bowls. 


Math’s Problem Solving in the 3/4 Level

Maths in the 3/4 level has been very hands on this term with students being involved in learning and applying the concepts  of Multiplication  and Division.  Here is a sample of problems the students have been busy solving. Maybe you can all have a go and see how many solutions you can discover. 
Can you design a ring similar to this using
different numbers for the
multiplication and division.  
Make sure your ring works the same way.
Have fun! Get the whole family involved! 

multiplication ring 2


Here is another Problem.
Think of a three digit number and write it twice making a six digit number.
Now divide it by 7, divide the answer by 11 and then divide that  answer by 13.
What do you notice?   Why does this happen?

Introducing seven!


This week in prep we have been learning all about the number 7. We can show seven on a tens frame, draw a picture of 7 things and write the number before and after 7. We made a flower to record our learning! We have also been investigating different ways of making 7. We used ladybugs and counters to help us write number sentences, such as 4+3=7.