Shapes, Shapes, 2D Shapes!

In the 1/2 Level, we have been learning about 2D Shapes. We created MONSTERS using a variety of these shapes – circles, squares, triangles, ovals and rectangles!


We also made some 2D shapes with talking marks, telling all about the features each shapes has, like its name, number of sides, number of corners and a fact about that shape! We hope you enjoy reading and learning all about them!!!




Wrapping up Christmas Presents without wasting paper

In 3/4S we had a challenge to wrap up Christmas presents to save paper. We started with a 3x3x3 cube and problem solved the possibilities of wrapping the cube without overlapping paper. 

Some of us found 9 different ways of wrapping paper without overlapping. We wonder how many different ways you can find. 

It was fun and challenging. Anthony thought it was a little frustrating when you thought it was going to work but it didn’t because it was a reflection of another net. 

Jack thought that once you got into the thinking it became easier to find the combinations. 

Ava and Stephanie thought that working together was a plus. 



img_1777       img_1778

Snowflakes 3/4S

For  Maths today we made 6 pointed snowflakes.  We made them out of A4 paper. Instead of having 90 degree angles we had to fold our paper to get 60 degree angles. 

Usually when we make snowflakes we make them with 4 points – this is because we fold to have right angles.

 Can you work out how to fold with 60 degree angles to make a 6 pointed snowflake? 


Using real life experiences to teach fractions

img_0370-2       img_0365

The 3/4 SC class had a real life maths problems to solve.  How would you share two apples amongst three friends? 

To model this new learning, we brought the apples into class and set the scene.  We had to think about how to equally portion the pieces, what to do so that all three friends get the same amount of equal pieces.  By cutting each of the apples in half, we immediately saw that each friend would get at least 1/2 an apple each. But what to do with the rest? 

Here are some photos of us modelling the process.  What would you do NOW? Let us know and then we tell you how we solved this problem. 

Maths problem solving in 5/6H :)

In 5/6H at the moment we are doing an ongoing project during our weekly maths problem solving sessions. We have split into groups of three and have to create/design a new attraction to bring more tourists to Melbourne. Some of our ideas include hosting the soccer World Cup, creating a Melbourne Disneyland and a Video Game World. It is great to see everyone being so enthusiastic about maths! In our session today we will be working on advertising and marketing. We will keep you updated on our progress.


IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1416

Mathematics Blog Term 3!

Welcome back to school everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful break over the holidays and are ready for a fantastic Term 3.

Keep an eye out this Term for new and exciting additions to our ‘Mathematics Home Learning Blog’. There a many different ways you can practise your mathematics at home, through games, activities and worksheets! Teachers will be adding new activities regularly so keep checking in to see what’s new!

Click here to access the blog.

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We have been learning about angles.  Engineers use many angles in their drawings and designs to make them different, safe and interesting. We designed many buildings. How many angles can you find in our buildings? 


Which Buildings would you like in your backyard? Click onto the picture and view our slide show.

1/2J 3D Shape Creations

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and today we worked hard on creating 3D shapes using icy pole sticks. This task was not easy especially because the sticks kept falling down. However with a lot of team work and problem solving each group created a shape. 

Here are some photos of our shapes! 

IMG_7623 IMG_7625 IMG_7627 IMG_7631


IMG_7629 IMG_7630 IMG_7632IMG_7635






What is your favourite 2D or 3D shape? 

Maths Groups

In 5/6 we have maths groups. I am in  Mrs Ibrahim’s group. We are learning about addition and subtraction. We played a maths game called Jet Ski Addition so that we could learn numbers quickly in our head. We also played a game called Addition and Subtraction Tiggy. It’s where someone asks a question like… 12 x 12=  144. If they get it right they get to take a step to try to tag someone. It was so much fun!

Number Lines

Number Lines

We have been learning about number Lines in 3/4G.

Students had to createIMG_1898 a three digit number by rolling a die three times. As a class we then had to place our numbers on the number line in the correct order.

We then discussed how number lines can help us learn! We came up with:

IMG_1897They help us to skip count or jump count.

They help us to save time when counting.
They can help us when we are doing addition or subtraction.
They help us When we want to see where half way is.

How do number lines help you to learn?


In 5/6 we are learning about measurement. The students used newspaper and measuring tools to solve a maths problem.
The task was to fit Granny’s rug in the hallway, students had to cut the rug to ensure it fit, then work out the total area of the rug. It was a hands-on maths task! 

Students hard at work!