Year 5/6 BTN Home Learning Task- Olympics

This week biggest sporting event on the planet has kicked off. This is the 31st running of the modern Olympic Games! 

Mini Research Task 

Your task for this week is to carry out some research on the Olympic sport of your choice and post your information in the comment section for this post. 

You will need to include; 

  1. The name of the chosen Olympic sport
  2. A brief summary of the sport
  3. History of the sport in Australia
  4. Equipment needed
  5. Number of Australians competing in the sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  6. Some fun facts about the sport
  7. Include one of your references. 

Genius Hour

This week in our genius hour session, we had two new students join us! Adele and Riley from 1/2B are joining us for the rest of the term in 5/6I to complete their first ever passion project! Adele’s passion is the growth of a baby and Riley’s is marathon running. The 5/6I students loved helping them settle in and assisted them in researching their passions. What a great example of buddy learning at St Charles!!

IMG_3086 IMG_3087

Genius Hour

In 5/6I, Genius Hour Passion Projects have come to an end and some students are on to their next passion project! The students created blogs,  imovies, slide shows, role plays and interviews to present their learning. It has been an engaging and enriching learning experience!

Here are some brilliant student blogs created during Genius Hour…

Watch this youtube clip as an introduction into Genius Hour…