Parish of Templestowe celebrates Confirmation

What a wonderful day it was for St Charles Borromeo and St Kevin’s, joining to celebrate with the Templestowe Parish the Sacrament of Confirmation. Monsignor Greg Bennet celebrated with Father Gerry this wonderful Sacrament.  We congratulate all candidates and their families for making this commitment in our Catholic church. We pray for all of these young people as they decide how to use the Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit they received at Baptism. 


What message would you give these young people?  Post your messages here!
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Conference with charity Bahay Tuluyan and the 5/6s

On Friday the 5/6s were lucky enough to receive a visit from Catherine, Clare and some other members of the wonderful charitable organisation Bahay Tuluyan. This wonderful organisation does fantastic work helping people in the Philippines. As well as receiving valuable information, students participated in activities where they had to put themselves into the shoes of someone living in extreme poverty….it was a very eye opening experience. We learnt a lot from the day and thank Catherine, Clare and their team for coming to visit with us as their workshops linked in perfectly with out RE unit, The Common Good and gave us some great ideas of how we can help others.

conference 1 conference 2 conference 3

Visit to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) :)

As you know, during the last week of term 2, all of the grade 5/6s created some beautiful art work and held an art show to raise some money and gather donations for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We raised $186 and collected lots of warm clothing and some food donations, a fantastic effort! During the holidays I went and visited the ASRC to deliver our donations, which they were very grateful for and I was lucky enough to be given a tour and find out about all of the fantastic work that the ASRC are doing. Congratulations again on your efforts and contributions and please have a look at the ASRC website below to see what other great work they are doing :).



5/6’s Asylum Seeker Art Show

In 5/6H we have been making art for an art show focused on asylum seekers. The art show will be happening in a couple weeks time. We are doing this to show what asylum seekers go through and why we should be grateful that we live in a safe country and are not seeking asylum and to understand the dangerous things they go through.

Here is some of our work which will be displayed at our art show……

IMGP0014 IMGP0015



Caritas Day Education Group

Indi: On Friday the 15th of April, it was Caritas Day! One of the education groups (Francesca, Indi, Isla and Dom) taught 3/4G about the charity Caritas.

Dominic: We had a great time in 3/4G, we had them create posters for Caritas. First we showed them an example of a poster we created and then gave them some information about Caritas. We had so much fun! Thank you 3/4G.

Francesca: Our activities in 3/4G were a huge success!! We got the students to redesign the Caritas logo. The three best drawings won a prize. There were so many AMAZING posters and it was so hard to choose the winners! Here are the three winning posters below.
IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0441

Isla: After 3/4G finished their great posters we all taught 3/4G about the places in the world that Caritas supports to make a difference. Overall it was a great session :).


In  3/4 we have been studying the events of HOLY WEEK and in particular the events leading to and including Good Friday. We made these conclusions!

We  know Jesus suffered and it seems like a really sad story, but it’s one of the greatest stories of all!  

Jesus died for everybody’s sins, so now when we ask God to forgive us, and we are truly sorry for what we’ve done, He will act like it never happened.  That’s right, He forgets what we did!  We try not to repeat the mistakes. 

We drew our stations representing what happened to Jesus on Good Friday. 

We ask that you reflect on these pictures and think about how his family might have felt seeing Jesus suffer and treated without any dignity!


We would love you to leave us a comment on your thoughts and feelings. 

Fire Carrier Event

St Charles is very privileged to be a Fire Carrier school (Fire Carrier schools work together to come up with meaningful ways to recognise the history, culture and land rights of indigenous Australians and speak up on their behalf).

Last Tuesday, the 1st of March our four grade 5 Fire Carrier leaders headed to Amberley to learn more about indigenous history and culture and gain some ideas from other schools. Nicole, Erin, Isla and Alyssa a wonderful day! Here is a reflection from Isla and Alyssa.

‘We really enjoyed all of the activities that we did on the day. One activity was a bush talk, wh ere we learnt interesting facts about indigenous people and their land. Another activity explained how indigenous people lived before the first fleet arrived, we were shown interesting videos and maps in this activity.

We really enjoyed meeting people from other schools and got some great ideas after watching a video from another school, St Josephs in Mernda. The guest speakers were also really interesting, especially Shelley and her son Taj who designed special indigenous pattern socks for his footy club and raised a good amount of money from them.

Overall we had a fantastic day, learning lots and working together . We feel so proud to represent St Charles as Fire Carrier leaders.’

Fire carrier 1fire carrier 2

Wicking Garden Bed

So, what  is a wicking bed?  Well  it’s essentially a giant “self watering pot” in the form of a garden bed. It is a garden bed designed to draw water up from a reservoir below, through the soil directly to the roots.  The students on the 3/4 level decided to create this smart ‘watering pot’ as part of the unit on being Water Wise.  The fact that the watering occurs under the ground, there is less evaporation and the water goes straight to the roots, making this an efficient and effective way of watering and saving water.

The students dug out the soil and made a trench, the pipe was laid and then the soil was evenly spread on top.  Thank you to Mr Thomas and Moya for helping us with the heavy moving of the soil. 

Now it is ready for planting!  Ideas are welcome! 




5/6 Visit from Fair Trade Australia

This week in 5/6 we received a visit from Erin from Fair Trade Australia to help teach us more about what Fair Trade is, which products are more ethical than others and what we can do as consumers to help the cause. In addition to learning some fantastic new information, we also played some fun games and did some quizzes. Students were so enthusiastic after this presentation that it has been decided that the 5/6s will run a Fair Trade session with the whole school, including education, games and activities. This date will be decided on and put on the calendar soon :).

Fair Trade-1 Fair Trade-2 Fair Trade 3 Fair Trade 4

5/6H showing the value of kindness to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

ASRCThis year 5/6H have established a relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) and their visit from Abdi, a Somalian refugee earlier in the year has really stuck with them. The asylum seekers are in the children’s daily prayers and we thought it would be a nice thing to do to remind the asylum seekers that we care about them. This activity was linked to our values education and the value of kindness. The students certainly did show the value of kindness with these lovely pieces of work they put together :).

asrc-1 ASRC-2

5/6s visit from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

Today (the 23rd of June) the 5/6s were lucky enough to have Jenn from the ASRC come and visit the level to talk to them about asylum seekers, misconceptions and the great work that the ASRC are doing. After Jenn’s talk, Sukdeep, a youth worker from the ASRC and a young 18 year old asylum seeker, originally from Somalia came and talked to 5/6H to thank them for the beautiful art work and letters of support that they sent to the asylum seekers. We welcomed our guests with a colourful sign and all wore yellow friendship bracelets as a sign of support and friendship. We presented Jenn with many bags worth of warm clothes, blankets and books, as well as a donation for $64. It was lovely for students to see what a difference their voices and empathy can make.

photo 3 (2) Donations friendship bracelets

5/6H establishing a relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

A few weeks ago 5/6H were introduced to the ‘Road to Refuge’ website, following the stories of three young asylum seekers. Conversation soon followed about injustices and laws in Australia surrounding the way that people seeking asylum are treated. Upon receipt of the beautiful and thoughtful letters and art work from the class, two different representatives from the ASRC called me to thank them for the work and asked if they can come and speak to the children directly (a couple of the young asylum seekers themselves have expressed a strong interest in meeting the students to thank them personally). The students were very excited to see their work shared by the ASRC and they are looking forward to meeting representatives and giving them their generous donations of warm clothing, books, toothbrushes etc and finding out other ways they can be involved with the organisation :).

Post from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“The grade 5/6s at St Charles Borromeo Primary School have created pictures of encouragement for people seeking asylum. These kids get it. We think they deserve a BIG like!

Donate to our Winter Appeal and help protect asylum seekers:

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)'s photo.

Doncare Food Drive

Greg and Rosie 2

Last Thursday night Sue Cahill and I went to a Doncare function. Our Doncare Food Drive is about to commence and I want to remind everyone this is our major fundraiser for term two. The grade who brings in the most items will receive a BBQ lunch early next term. Please refer to the newsletter and ask children to bring items from the flyer, Doncare needs our help!

Road to Refuge website

On Saturday the 2nd of May I attended an asylum seeker discussion evening at St Kevin’s which raised some powerful questions about the messages that our children are receiving about ‘others’. At this meeting a fantastic website called Road to Refuge was shown and explained to us by the brilliant young woman that put it together. In 5/6H we looked at this website last week, which explored in detail the stories of three young people and the circumstances which led to them fleeing their countries. Students wrote powerful persuasive pieces urging our government to treat asylum seekers (over 90% of which end up being proven to be genuine refugees) better, it is fantastic to see what kind and genuine students we have at our school. We will be exploring this website further in our next reading rotations, if anyone is interested in exploring this website and helping clear up some negative stereotypes, here is the link:

5/6 Caritas Day

Cakestall 1 Cakestall 3

Last Friday, the 17th of April the 5/6s ran a Caritas Day to provide education to students about the Caritas ‘Food For Life’ initiative and the importance of eating healthy food, as well as raising money to donate to Caritas. The 5/6 students all worked very hard to put the day together and did a fantastic job. 5/6C provided students with education about Caritas and ran fun activities, 5/6I ran a fun and lively restaurant where students could make their own tacos, while they danced and had lots of fun and 5/6H ran food stalls, including tasty smoothies, healthy fruit kebabs and delicious home baked goods. The day was a success and lots of fun, raising over $1100.00 for Caritas. Thank you so much to all of the other classes for supporting our day so enthusiastically :)!