SRC Bus Stop

The SRC have kicked off the year with their first initiative…Bus Stop! Bus Stop is a SRC lead initiative that arose from discussion around children feeling lonely or not having anything to do during lunchtime. Bus stop consists of two student chosen activities that run each Wednesday lunchtime. This week’s bus stop activities were; drawing and soccer. A BIG thanks to all the SRC reps who helped set up and run these activities yesterday. Did you participate in Bus Stop? 

Here are the Bus Stop activities for the rest of this term; 

Week 7- Basketball and Bowling

Week 8- No Bus Stop (public holiday)

Week 9- Footy & Origami 

IMG_4877 IMG_4878

SRC Training with Kate!

Today our wonderful SRC reps participated in a training day with the equally wonderful Kate Wilde. It was a great day where the SRC reps from each class got to know each other a little better through fun team building games. There was lots of rich discussion throughout the day about how we can improve St Charles. The students worked really hard in small teams to brainstorm and begin planning four improvement actions for this term. Stay tuned…the SRC team have some exciting projects coming up!

SRC Reps and Kate

SRC Reps and Kate

Playing the 'Compassion Game'

Playing the ‘Compassion Game’

Team building game

Team building game

Painting the Cubbies!

WOW!! What a fantastic day we had today painting the cubbies! The weather was perfect and each and every student made a special contribution to our new cubbies. We had the most amazing group of artistic senior SRC students who worked tirelessly to make our cubbies look beautiful. A BIG thank you to Hayden, Nicola, Harvey, Sebastian, Zac, Angie, Alessia, Phenix, Daniel, Aaron, Evelyn, Zane, Liesl and Anja who spent the day designing our 3 B’s on our cubbies. Also thanks to the parents who came along and helped! Well done everyone and especially the SRC for leading this colourful change in our school. You will have to have a look for yourself at how great it looks!

IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3456

News from the SRC!

Painting the Cubbies!

As a part of our term 4 SRC change project, we decided to make our school playground more colourful! One way we thought of making it more colourful was by painting our three cubbies. A team of SRC members from Prep- Year 6 met with Mr Thomas to discuss this. Mr Thomas liked this idea and agreed that it would make our school playground look so much better.
On Monday the 16th of November, we will be painting our school cubbies. Everyone will put their handprint on one of the cubbies. Each cubby will have one of the 3 B’s on it; Be respectful, Be responsible & Be safe. We are looking for helpers to assist on the day. You do not need to be an artist just someone who likes to draw. It would be very much appreciated if you can come down and help on the day in any way to make our school more colourful.  If you are able to help please email Mrs Ibrahim by Tuesday 10th November.
Thank you! From the SRC team.