Bullystoppers Expo- Oh what a night!

It was a fabulous celebration of learning and fun when the 3/4 Level showcased their Bullystoppers projects on Thursday night! We had an amazing turn-out from family and friends to support our action teams present workshops on: Cyber Bullying, Racial Bullying, Frenemies as well as many, many more! Well done to every student on the effort, enthusiasm and pride they’ve put into Bullystoppers this term!

Settling into the new School Year 5/6SC

The start of any new school year is exciting getting to know all of our classmates. In 5/6SC we have started the year with huge enthusiasm and excitement. this past week we have been involved in tasks to get to know each other. Below is a snapshot of what we have been doing. 




We had our first Library session with Mrs Demos and she spoke to us about the borrowing procedures and library protocols.We borrowed books around the themes of families and relationships.  

It is going to be a fabulous year!

Keeping ourselves well :)

In 5/6H we have been talking about worries that can come up, particularly during this time of year with starting to think about the year ending and what will come next (high school for our wonderful grade 6s and the big step into grade 6 for our grade 5s).

We looked at some very powerful videos and talked about the things that can make us feel worried or anxious.

Please find below, a list of helpful tips to keep your mind and body strong and healthy as well as some helpful phone Apps for meditation, mindfulness and improved sleep.

Remember that some important things that help to keep us healthy are:
– sleeping well 
– regular exercise
– a balanced diet
– regular contact and interaction with family and friends
– talking about our problems/worries with a trusted adult
– doing meditation and mindfulness
– making time for activities that we enjoy
Helpful phone Apps for meditation, mindfulness and improved sleep
– ‘Relax Melodies’
– ‘Smiling Mind’
– ‘Dormio’
– Sleep Better’

dont-worry          autumn

School Wide Positive Behaviour Activity

In 3/4KC, we have been writing song raps for this term’s focus expectations! The emphasis was to “always be respectful” by using kind words! or being aware of others!

We hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to keep a rhythm and beat, and also add your ‘doof, doof’s’ or ‘swoosh, swoosh’ between the lines!

Use kind words every day – come along and say . . .

M is for manners, mmm.

G is for greetings.

K is for kind comments.

What were you going to say?

Use all your manners, do it today. That’s all I got to say.

Use kind words every day. Yay!     – Georgia & Hannah


Hi, I’m Bianca I’m and part of the kind patrol.

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m part of the kind patrol.

Hi, I’m Kana and I’m part kind patrol.

And we’ve got a message for you, so listen and respect.

Show respect, drop to the ground.

Use kind Words and spin around. – Bianca, Olivia & Kana



Yo! We’re the radical rappers three

And we’re here to tell you to respect your peers!!!  OOOhh!

Use polite words when talking to them,

Can I please have a pen!!!  OOOhh! 

When someone is hurt we take good care,

And in no time they will get repaired! OOOhh!  – Nick, Thomas & Massimo


Respect, respect.

We do it when you least expect!

Correct, correct.

There is no real way, you just have to say –

‘Have a nice day!’    – Sabina & Lucas

What’s been happening in 3/4

As usual we have been very busy! This week we have learnt how to leave comments on our school blog. The blog is great as we can see what all of the other classes are doing!

IMG_1049IMG_1050In class we are reading the book, ‘Rowan of Rin’ by Emily Rodda, which is a fantasy adventure. We have learnt how to create a concept map by linking ideas to show cause and effect.


In Inquiry we are conducting our own research projects related to the main question,
‘How can we maintain happy hearts, healthy minds and body and harmonious communities?’. We are in the process of creating posters to share our learning. 

IMG_1061Another great event was working with our buddies to make a mosaic Cross to represent the death of Jesus.

We watched the story of the ‘The Three Tree’. here are some of our insights.

Thomas’ reflection is,  ‘life doesn’t always go as planned’. 

Greta said, ‘what ever your dreams, God will always give you something better’. 

Chloe’s reflection is, “what ever you dream of,  God will give you something that you will love more”. 

Watch this moving story let us know your reflection. 

Happy To Be Me!

On Thursday the preps enjoyed the production; ‘Happy To Be Me!’, as part of our Inquiry unit, ‘How Can I Be The Best Me?’.  The production focused on the development of self esteem and, also, in valuing differences in others. Some points for the preps to consider….

  • We are all different, and that’s great!
  • We should be proud of the way we look and the things we can do.
  • We all have special talents.
  • Keep practising and never give up.

Singing, dancing and stories magically appeared through the giant iPad. Some of the preps even joined in the production, wearing special costumes!



Wonderful 1/2 s

We have been busy learning about some of our emotions after watching the movie Inside Out. We have talked about each of the characters and how they show the emotion. The children have then written about a time they have felt that emotion and when we have seen that emotion. It has been enlightening to see and hear the children respond so openly about their feelings and how they can effect the choices that they make.


Learning and Thinking in the 3/4 Class

These past two week have been filled with lots of learning about each other and getting classroom routines set for future learning  to take place. The photos below show how busy we have been asking questions about our InquiRE topic, ‘How can we maintain Happy Hearts, Healthy minds and Bodies and Harmonious Communities?’ 


IMG_1042                                            IMG_1044

As part of getting to know each other we have a created a wall of our qualities. 

Capture of wall


Roseville Buddy Program

Yesterday the Year 5 students from 5/6I visited Roseville. There seems to be a common trend with our Roseville visits…the day starts off with gloomy weather (often rain as we are about to leave), we then brave the elements and head off to Roseville. Upon arriving, the weather clears up and we enter to smiling faces waiting for us in the warm and comfy lounge room at Roseville.
To witness the joy and excitement from the students and also the Roseville buddies, is a truly beautiful sight! One Roseville resident shared with me how much he looks forward to the visits from the students and how well-mannered and considerate they all are. The Year 5 students each brought with them either a picture book, ipad or deck of cards to share with their buddy.  Everyone was having such a good time that we lost track of the time!! What a beautiful buddy program, community link and bond we have with Roseville.

IMG_3056 IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3060


Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Father’s Day Breakfast. Great job mums preparing a banquet! A lot to live up to next year dads. 

Here are some reflections from our students about their dads.

  • My dad always says: Big man
  • My dad’s job is: fixing STUFF
  • My dad always says: I love you all the time
  • My dad is 75 years old!
  • He loves to eat: marshmallows
  • His favorite color is: black and yellow

unnamed (1)

Oh What a Night

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

It was great to see so many people gather in the hall to watch an amazing showcase of talent and skills. Thank you Terri for an amazing job preparing the children in six weeks. Thank you to our parents who cooked 25o sausages. We raised $700 for our Christmas appeal.

School Wide Positive Behaviour

The launch of the ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour’ program was a big success on Monday 20th of July. There was a lot of buzz (excuse the pun) in the school about the new bee stamp reward system. The students did a wonderful job of designing a bee mascot to support our 3Bs: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe. The students also wrote some lovely stories of a bee showing good values.
A copy of the bee matrix has been sent home to families as many of the behaviour expectations are also suitable for the home. This is a great opportunity for the school to work in partnership with families and we appreciate the support we have already been given, and the positive feedback we have received.
Since the launch of the program, the staff have commented that students are making great efforts to use their manners, to listen respectfully, tidy the playground and include others in their play. What a great start! We look forward to continuing this program and seeing the smiles on the students faces when they receive an acknowledgment for their positive behaviour.
 IMG_0828 IMG_0827 IMG_0824

1/2s Celebrating Unity

This week the 1/2s have been coming together with their buddies from the 3/4 area. The 3/4s taught the 1/2s about how to decorate a quarter of a circle and to link it together to show unity. The children really enjoy working together. Check out the display on the wall outside the 3/4 classrooms.