2018 FIRE Carrier Farewell and Thank You!

Congratulations and thank you to Hudson, Reyhan, Jacinta and Allegra for your enthusiasm and leadership as SCB FIRE Carrier’s for 2018. It has been wonderful working with all four of you. On Tuesday, the Year 4’s listened to speeches written by our FIRE Carrier Leaders and were asked to consider applying for the role in 2019. Handwritten or printed letters are due on Tuesday (last day) or can be emailed to Miss Bugno by Friday 21st Dec. Be sure to check out our last 2018 FIRE Carrier project, the Sea of Hands display early next year in the front garden (we haven’t forgotten!)

Today was GOLD!!!!

Today, the 3/4 Level and an entourage of Staff and Parents ventured to Sovereign Hill in search of GOLD! Our Inquiry unit this term is centered around the Gold Rush in the 1800’s:

  • what life was like during this time
  • multiculturalism on the goldfields (in particular, the Chinese)
  • the effect the gold rush had on Australia’s development as a nation

We had such a fabulous day! The students learned so much and were engaged from start to finish. While most of us were able to find a few speckles of gold when panning, it was Celia Abdo (Elyssia’s Mum) who struck it rich. She was able to hold a pure gold brick worth $160,000!! If only it was hers to keep!

Thank you to our supportive Angels and parent helpers and congratulations to our WONDERFUL, respectful and perfectly behaved students who did us proud once again!

Leave a comment and tell us what you thought about the excursion…

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Using technology the right way

Hello! I just want to point out some things about how we are treating/using the technology.

  1. Trolleys –   Some people are putting the laptops and iPads the wrong way into the trolley.  I would really appreciate it if the people who know the right way to tell the people who are doing it the wrong way. Please remember how many devices fit into the slots. (MacBooks: 4) (Chromebooks: 3) (iPad: 2)
  2. Holding the Laptops the right way – Now I see this a lot. Please hold them with two hands. If your holding it in just one there’s a chance that it will fall out of your hands and break.
  3. Stacking The laptops – You can only Stack 2 Macbooks on top of each other. With chromebooks its the same – only 2.
  4. Follow online expectations – We want everyone to have a good time on the technology. Please always follow the expectations.

I hope you look after the technology more after reading this. 






Year 6 Graduation

Last night, we celebrated the Graduating Class of 2015. The Year 6 students did an amazing job at leading the night and it was a wonderful celebration of the Year 6 student’s journey at St Charles Borromeo. We began the night with a beautiful mass lead by Father Gerry and continued with a celebration in our school hall.

Some Year 6 students reflected on the night…

‘I think the best part was when Carla and Phenix got the Sian Wilson Friendship Award’- Olivia 

‘It was a night to remember, my favourite part was when we got to perform our song, dance and got to share with our parents our scrapbooks’- Alessia 

‘I liked the slideshow of photos at the end’- Sharni 

‘I think many parents also enjoyed the night and liked reflecting on our journey in primary school’- Clarece 

‘The most memorable part was when I received the Sian Wilson award. I felt honored to get the award’- Phenix 

Year 6 students at the end of mass.

Year 6 students at the end of mass. We ended mass with a beautiful rendition of our school song. 

Students, parents and teachers enjoying the Year 6 graduation celebration.

Students, parents and teachers enjoying the Year 6 graduation celebration.

Bucket filling was a highlight of the night! The students shared heartfelt messages and filled each other's bucket!

Bucket filling was a highlight of the night! The students shared heartfelt messages and filled each other’s bucket!

News from the SRC!

Painting the Cubbies!

As a part of our term 4 SRC change project, we decided to make our school playground more colourful! One way we thought of making it more colourful was by painting our three cubbies. A team of SRC members from Prep- Year 6 met with Mr Thomas to discuss this. Mr Thomas liked this idea and agreed that it would make our school playground look so much better.
On Monday the 16th of November, we will be painting our school cubbies. Everyone will put their handprint on one of the cubbies. Each cubby will have one of the 3 B’s on it; Be respectful, Be responsible & Be safe. We are looking for helpers to assist on the day. You do not need to be an artist just someone who likes to draw. It would be very much appreciated if you can come down and help on the day in any way to make our school more colourful.  If you are able to help please email Mrs Ibrahim aibrahim@scbtemplestowe.catholic.edu.au by Tuesday 10th November.
Thank you! From the SRC team.