Opportunities to Write at Home

kids-writingLike reading, writing becomes an everyday activity at home. Let your child see you writing. Try some of these writing ideas at home:

  • Write a shopping list or add items to the list and tick off the items as you buy or unpack them.
  • Keep a board to write and read family messages.
  • Give your child a pad of sticky notes to write reminders for themselves.
  • Plan and write your weekly menu together.
  • Write captions for photographs in your family photo albums.
  • Write labels for your child’s art works and creations.
  • Make words using magnetic letters and stick them on the fridge.
  • Make and write greeting cards, birthday cards, and thank you notes.
  • Keep a family calendar on display and write down family events.
  • Talk about upcoming events with your child, for example, where, when, and who will be there.

Reference: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

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