Warm and Cool Colours


The 1/2s have been learning about warm colours (red, yellow & orange) and cool colours (blue, green and purple) on the colour wheel. They painted two pieces of paper using just those colours. When their work was dry, they made one piece into a loom and drew interesting lines on the back of the other piece. They cut on the lines and used the pieces to go over and under to weave through the loom. Well done everyone!

InquiRE Assignment – Everyday Heroes 5/6

IMG_1413The Year 5/6 students task was to select a spirit – filled person that they know in their life. After formulating questions they interviewed this person to gather some information. They then created a presentation for an audience.

Each day this week special people – mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and extended families gathered for these heartfelt presentations. Students reflected on what makes this person spirit – filled, what gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit they show and how they influence others to live a spirit – filled life.

Each presentation engaged the audience and delved into many ordinary people with extraordinary lives.

Future Matildas

The Australian soccer/football team is currently doing us very proud in the World Cup.

In 1/2B this is a possible future starting lineup renowned for their skill, fitness, determination and courage:
Sienna, Elena, Jacinta, Tayah, Macy, Georgia, Olivia, Cecilia, Stephanie, Chiara and Allegra.
At the opening ceremony, Adelle and Ariella would captivate the crowd with a skillful performance.

In 1/2C the starting 11 would be Paige, Sophie, Madeline, Alessia, Elyssia, Zhalia, Mikayla, Ava, Eloise, Hannah and Isabella. If anyone was injured and needing assistance, they could rely on great care from Piper, Aimee and Mae.

In 1/2K the starting lineup would be Evie, Alexia, Chloe, Felicity, Maiah, Olivia, Sienna, Indianna, Stefania, Talia and Alexis. Bethanny and Marie would be in charge of singing the National Anthem at the award ceremony.

1/2s Celebrating Unity

This week the 1/2s have been coming together with their buddies from the 3/4 area. The 3/4s taught the 1/2s about how to decorate a quarter of a circle and to link it together to show unity. The children really enjoy working together. Check out the display on the wall outside the 3/4 classrooms.

Our Italian Fashion Parade



On the 23rd of June all the 5/6s did an Italian fashion show. We all had to bring our own clothes from home to wear on the day. The whole school came and any parents that wanted to. We all had a lot of fun showing off our outfits and reading the description of it. We all liked having the chance to be a model and do a pose at the end. The whole school enjoyed it and the preps had a laugh when seeing their 5/6 buddies!

Written by Alana & Yasmin 5/6H

You Tube Sensation

Have you ever imagined that you were a You Tube Sensation? The Preps have!

Last week, we wrote about our talents and what we would do if we became famous.

Kade wrote, ” I am a magician. I make pencils disappear. When I am famous, I will buy a Ferrari.”

Simona wrote, “I am good at singing and dancing. It is fun. The people clap me and they kiss me a lot. When I am famous, I will see the Queen of England. I will have dinner with the queen and sing her a song.”

You can read Hudson’s writing below.

On Friday, we shared our talents in the class Talent Show.

image image


5/6s visit from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

Today (the 23rd of June) the 5/6s were lucky enough to have Jenn from the ASRC come and visit the level to talk to them about asylum seekers, misconceptions and the great work that the ASRC are doing. After Jenn’s talk, Sukdeep, a youth worker from the ASRC and a young 18 year old asylum seeker, originally from Somalia came and talked to 5/6H to thank them for the beautiful art work and letters of support that they sent to the asylum seekers. We welcomed our guests with a colourful sign and all wore yellow friendship bracelets as a sign of support and friendship. We presented Jenn with many bags worth of warm clothes, blankets and books, as well as a donation for $64. It was lovely for students to see what a difference their voices and empathy can make.

photo 3 (2) Donations friendship bracelets

Our excursion!

Recently the 3/4 level went to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. We had a great day learning about the history of the building and it’s significance to our past. The children asked many questions and we were lucky enough to have a war veteran from Templestowe show us around!!image image image image

Fire Fighting!

Members from the Templestowe MFB returned to St Charles for their second visit on Tuesday. After a revision of fire safety, the preps were treated to an exploration of the fire truck – and what fun it was!

The fire truck weighed as much as fourteen cars and was big enough to fit an entire prep grade into the cabin.

Spraying the hose was the highlight of our day. So many firefighters in the making!


2015 Primary Schools Speech Contest

IMG_1398Congratulations to our contestants, Alana and Alessia for their participation in the Primary School Speech Contest on Wednesday, 10th June. Alana delivered a speech My favourite animal with passion and Alessia spoke about If I could change the world profoundly.We are proud of Alana and Alessia for delivering powerful speeches and really engaging their audience.


Athletics_tracks_finish_lineCongratulations to all of the year 3-6 students who attended and had a go at all of the events at the St Charles Borromeo Athletic Trials. A big, BIG thank you to all of the staff and parents who assisted with running events.

Results are currently being collated and in the next few weeks, I will see students who qualified for District events.



Preps love “Hippity hopping”

After using the Hippity hopers in our football/soccer lesson we used them to have a race.

After using the Hippity hoppers in our football/soccer lesson we used them to have a race. We had been using a soccer ball to kick into the Hippity Hoppers to see how far we could move the large red balls. Kyna remembered hopping on one at kindergarten. Many of the children had used one before. Some called them “Space hoppers”. After having a rehearsal to remind us how to use them, we had a relay race. I was very proud of the way the students encouraged each other.

The dreaded Beep Test

Overwhelmingly the 3/4 students approached “The Beep Test” with a positive “can do” attitude. We are hoping to use this test of cardiovascular fitness for students from year three up into the future and we will record the students results. Hopefully they can set personal best scores as they progress through the school. I was very proud of all the students who did their very best to achieve as high a score as possible. In fact, there were some students who had to be told repeatedly that it was time to have a rest. I’ll just share a few very impressive results:
Connor 8.4
George, Alastair & Isla 7.5
Ben & Anthony 7.4
Oscar 7.3
Nicole 7.2
There were some students who were absent or unwell or injured and we will let them try “The Beep Test” at a later date.

Wednesday lunch time drawing club with 5/6s and some 3/4s :)

The talented girls and boys who are making it along to drawing club on Wednesday lunch times are producing some great work and having a great time doing so :).

Year 5 BUPA visit

IMG_1381[1]The Year 5  students visited the residents at BUPA today for the first time. We were welcomed in the foyer  surrounded by prints of Melbourne on the walls and then took an elevator ride to the first floor.It was lovely to see the students interacting with the oldies and getting to know each other. The students were relaxed and engaged in conversation and shared some morning tea. Thanks to Mrs Cahill, our Student Wellbeing Leader and Rita, the Lifestyle Coordinator for making this happen. We are planning  another visit in a month’s time to renew our acquaintance.

5/6H establishing a relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

A few weeks ago 5/6H were introduced to the ‘Road to Refuge’ website, following the stories of three young asylum seekers. Conversation soon followed about injustices and laws in Australia surrounding the way that people seeking asylum are treated. Upon receipt of the beautiful and thoughtful letters and art work from the class, two different representatives from the ASRC called me to thank them for the work and asked if they can come and speak to the children directly (a couple of the young asylum seekers themselves have expressed a strong interest in meeting the students to thank them personally). The students were very excited to see their work shared by the ASRC and they are looking forward to meeting representatives and giving them their generous donations of warm clothing, books, toothbrushes etc and finding out other ways they can be involved with the organisation :).

Post from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“The grade 5/6s at St Charles Borromeo Primary School have created pictures of encouragement for people seeking asylum. These kids get it. We think they deserve a BIG like!

Donate to our Winter Appeal and help protect asylum seekers:https://goo.gl/eVGtFu

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)'s photo.

Spirit filled people in our lives


Through our Religious Education Program the 3 /4 Level has learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  As part of connecting our new learning to real life experiences the students have made a video of important people in their lives. All of these people model the fruits of the Spirit.


Relax and enjoy the beautiful illustrations of their Spirit filled person and the qualities of these special people.