5/6H establishing a relationship with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

A few weeks ago 5/6H were introduced to the ‘Road to Refuge’ website, following the stories of three young asylum seekers. Conversation soon followed about injustices and laws in Australia surrounding the way that people seeking asylum are treated. Upon receipt of the beautiful and thoughtful letters and art work from the class, two different representatives from the ASRC called me to thank them for the work and asked if they can come and speak to the children directly (a couple of the young asylum seekers themselves have expressed a strong interest in meeting the students to thank them personally). The students were very excited to see their work shared by the ASRC and they are looking forward to meeting representatives and giving them their generous donations of warm clothing, books, toothbrushes etc and finding out other ways they can be involved with the organisation :).

Post from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“The grade 5/6s at St Charles Borromeo Primary School have created pictures of encouragement for people seeking asylum. These kids get it. We think they deserve a BIG like!

Donate to our Winter Appeal and help protect asylum seekers:https://goo.gl/eVGtFu

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)'s photo.

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