5/6s visit from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

Today (the 23rd of June) the 5/6s were lucky enough to have Jenn from the ASRC come and visit the level to talk to them about asylum seekers, misconceptions and the great work that the ASRC are doing. After Jenn’s talk, Sukdeep, a youth worker from the ASRC and a young 18 year old asylum seeker, originally from Somalia came and talked to 5/6H to thank them for the beautiful art work and letters of support that they sent to the asylum seekers. We welcomed our guests with a colourful sign and all wore yellow friendship bracelets as a sign of support and friendship. We presented Jenn with many bags worth of warm clothes, blankets and books, as well as a donation for $64. It was lovely for students to see what a difference their voices and empathy can make.

photo 3 (2) Donations friendship bracelets

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