Future Matildas

The Australian soccer/football team is currently doing us very proud in the World Cup.

In 1/2B this is a possible future starting lineup renowned for their skill, fitness, determination and courage:
Sienna, Elena, Jacinta, Tayah, Macy, Georgia, Olivia, Cecilia, Stephanie, Chiara and Allegra.
At the opening ceremony, Adelle and Ariella would captivate the crowd with a skillful performance.

In 1/2C the starting 11 would be Paige, Sophie, Madeline, Alessia, Elyssia, Zhalia, Mikayla, Ava, Eloise, Hannah and Isabella. If anyone was injured and needing assistance, they could rely on great care from Piper, Aimee and Mae.

In 1/2K the starting lineup would be Evie, Alexia, Chloe, Felicity, Maiah, Olivia, Sienna, Indianna, Stefania, Talia and Alexis. Bethanny and Marie would be in charge of singing the National Anthem at the award ceremony.

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