Oh What a Night

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It was great to see so many people gather in the hall to watch an amazing showcase of talent and skills. Thank you Terri for an amazing job preparing the children in six weeks. Thank you to our parents who cooked 25o sausages. We raised $700 for our Christmas appeal.

Science Incursion #3

Science Incursion #3

The 3/4s enjoyed an incursion with Scientists who study our Immune Systems. We looked at White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells, which taught us a lot about Bacteria (when we get sick) and how our body works to keep us healthy.

Some students even got to dress up as Scientist!


We also looked at The Scale of the Universe – You might even like to have a look at the Scale yourself at the link below 🙂

The Scale of the Universe



All grades busily and creatively participated in a number of different art activities linked to some of the shortlisted books.

Our Library and Art monitors have done a great job in producing  a display of their interpretation of the theme of Book Week this year, BOOKS LIGHT UP OUR WORLD.


                               GREAT DISPLAY…WELL DONE GIRLS!



The Grade 1/2s have been learning about the Italian alphabet this term. They have learnt that it has only 21 letters, the letters make different sounds and some have different names to the letters of English alphabet. The students also enjoy singing the song ‘L’Alfabeto Italiano’ by Nadia Cavallo.

Alla prossima !


Poetry in Prep!

Last week, the preps became poets – and they didn’t even know it! (boom boom).

IMG_0167On Tuesday, we read a story called ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’, then we wrote a rhyming poem about undies. We published our undie poems and hung them on the line in the classroom. 

Kalita wrote: I wear my undies to the beach. When I get there, I eat a peach.

Ethan wrote: My undies are cool. I wear them to the pool.


We looked at pictures of monsters and wrote a poem about them.

6Tpo6nM6c           IMG_0168

Jaydon wrote: My monster is smelly. He likes to jump in jelly.

 Alli wrote: My monster is a girl. She has a little curl.

On Thursday, we watched a really cute clip about baby animals before writing a poem about a pet.

You can watch the clip here

Let’s be Scientists!

The students on the 3/4 level have been busy being scientists this term. We have investigated aspects of heat and how heat is transferred from objects to objects.  The students have investigated the following questions: What is heat? What materials make good conductors? What materials make good insulators? Students investigated materials which kept hot water warm. They investigated materials including, foil, bubble wrap, felt, aluminium, paper and other everyday materials. They concluded that insulators trap the heat and block it from escaping. During the investigation the students periodically measured the temperature of the water in each cup to determine the best insulator. 


(Left) Using thermometers to measure the heat 






IMG_0633(Left) Recording the findings

Lovey Dove!

This week we met Lovey Dove.

Lovey Dove teaches us to be caring. Out of all the Kimochis she is the most caring. If  the Kimochis had one mum it would be her. The best thing about Lovey Dove is that she is an expert cuddler!

 We had a circle time and shared a time where we have been caring. We found out we can be caring in many different ways. We can care for our friends, teachers, families, school and our land.


Here is a picture of the Lovey Doves we made!


The 3/4 students have been using an online program to create animations in ICT. The program requires them to make small changes to their picture and take a snapshot of the screen, just like they do in the movies! This required a lot of time and patience.

Have a look at one that was made by Elena in 3/4C. Click on the picture and watch the animation come to life!

animation(Click on the image to view the animation)

Click here to have a go yourself!

Athletic Trials


Congratulations to all of the year 3-6 students who attended and had a go at all of the events at the St Charles Borromeo Athletic Trials. A big, BIG thank you to all of the staff and parents who assisted with running events.

Results are currently being collated and in the next few weeks, I will see students who qualified for District events.

School Wide Positive Behaviour

The launch of the ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour’ program was a big success on Monday 20th of July. There was a lot of buzz (excuse the pun) in the school about the new bee stamp reward system. The students did a wonderful job of designing a bee mascot to support our 3Bs: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe. The students also wrote some lovely stories of a bee showing good values.
A copy of the bee matrix has been sent home to families as many of the behaviour expectations are also suitable for the home. This is a great opportunity for the school to work in partnership with families and we appreciate the support we have already been given, and the positive feedback we have received.
Since the launch of the program, the staff have commented that students are making great efforts to use their manners, to listen respectfully, tidy the playground and include others in their play. What a great start! We look forward to continuing this program and seeing the smiles on the students faces when they receive an acknowledgment for their positive behaviour.
 IMG_0828 IMG_0827 IMG_0824

The sporting talents that our students have


I am always impressed by how many different activities that our students take part in when they are not at school.
Ben D. from 3/4 loves basketball and I asked him to bring in his trophy. There are students who are involved in martial arts, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, netball, soccer, football, dance, tennis, athletics, cheerleading, baseball, golf and many more. Involvement in sport is great for your fitness and general wellbeing but it also develops teamwork – an important life skill.


Trenta giorni

Click on “Trenta giorni”above to see students from 3/4C practising the poem  “Thirty days has September” in Italian class this week. The Italian version is a little different from the English however it has the same meaning. Fantastico! Excellent pronounciation.


3/4 Painting

The 3/4 classes have been working on a new piece of art incorporating shape, colour and value. This week they chose a paint colour from the colour wheel and mixed white with it creating tints. They will move on to mixing black to their original colour to create shades. Everyone was concentrating very hard to produce their best work.

IMG_1229 IMG_1206 IMG_1217 IMG_1223 IMG_1222 IMG_1226

Maths in the 5/6 area

This term in the 5/6 area we have streamed our students in maths to allow every student the opportunity to be challenged and extended. In my maths group students have been busily working on a task where they have to put a concert together, pay for a venue, performers and other costs and make as much money as they can from ticket prices, food and merchandise that they have designed. Students have all approached this task very enthusiastically and are revealing that they possess true business savvy 😉 (many have chosen to give up lunch times to get ahead on this task). Greg will be coming in to see their final business proposals this afternoon.