Let’s be Scientists

How can you blow up a balloon using vinegar and bicarb-soda?
Do you know which balloon will hit to the ground first,  one that is blown up with vinegar and bicarb – soda or one blown up the traditional way? 
Have you heard of fireproof balloons?
What effect does heat have on vinegar mixed with bicarb-soda?   
Very interesting questions!
Students in 3/4 had the opportunity to be real scientists by planning, designing, testing, evaluating and presenting the findings to these questions and others. Curiosity and the fun of mixing substances that fizzed, bubbled and overflowed was the norm as students applied higher order thinking skills to demonstrate the scientific method.  
The images below capture the enthusiasm and the imagination of these scientists at work.  Well done to all teams!                                                                              

Blog 1

connor 1 blog oscar blog


In Italian class,  the  Grade 3 and 4 students have been learning how to describe the weather.

They used this knowledge to write a weather forecast for the main cities of Italy and then present it

orally to the class. This activity allowed the students to use the language they had learnt in context.

Molto bravi ragazzi!


image            image

1/2’s Super Science Expo!!

“What happens when we….??” has been our fun InquiRE topic this term.  In Science we have been learning about how everyday materials can be physically changed in lots of ways.  Each week we rotated across the 1/2 level and took part in experiments that showed a change.  This week it was now the students turn to research, write up and present an experiment of their choice to the class, all by themselves!!! Everyone had a great time using their new knowledge to explain what changes were happening in their experiment.  Well done to everyone for putting in such hard work and effort to make it such a fabulous Science Expo!!

IMG_1447    IMG_1438



The 5/6 students in collaborative groups have created modern day versions of scripture stories connected to forgiveness. These stories are re – enacted with a twist in the form of a video. You can tune into one such story from Zaccheus to get a taste of our media work in the area of inquiRE.


Math’s Problem Solving in the 3/4 Level

Maths in the 3/4 level has been very hands on this term with students being involved in learning and applying the concepts  of Multiplication  and Division.  Here is a sample of problems the students have been busy solving. Maybe you can all have a go and see how many solutions you can discover. 
Can you design a ring similar to this using
different numbers for the
multiplication and division.  
Make sure your ring works the same way.
Have fun! Get the whole family involved! 

multiplication ring 2


Here is another Problem.
Think of a three digit number and write it twice making a six digit number.
Now divide it by 7, divide the answer by 11 and then divide that  answer by 13.
What do you notice?   Why does this happen?

Crime Scene Investigation and Experiment presentations for Inquiry

Last week the 5/6s were busy presenting their inquiry projects to each other. Some of the crime scene investigations they put together were so tricky that they were hard for us to solve. The chemical science experiments presented were also very impressive, particularly the volcano made for Oliver K for his volcano eruption experiment. All students are growing so much in confidence with their presentation skills :)!

Post-CSI-Barrington.jpg (600×400)B007CJJW0Q-1.jpg (300×180)

Sport quiz

Match these Australian National teams with their nickname:

Men’s rugby league –
Men’s rugby union –
Men’s soccer –
Women’s soccer –
Netball –
Men’s basketball –
Women’s basketball –
Swimming –
Men’s field hockey –
Women’s field hockey –

Diamonds, Wallabies, Socceroos, Hockeyroos, Boomers, Kangaroos, Dolphins, Kookaburras, Matildas, Opals.

First correct entry wins a prize!

What are Microbes?

As part of the 3/4 level science incursion we designed our own microbes. Do you know what a microbe is? Microbes are living organisms, they are small and we need a microscope to see them. They come in all different sizes and shapes.
They are found everywhere! 
Some microbes are useful and even good for us however some can make us ill.
We drew our own microbe, either a bacterium, a virus or a fungus. Before we started we had to decide if our microbe was to be beneficial or harmful. We had fun naming them. Here are some of our microbes! 





In 5/6 we are learning about measurement. The students used newspaper and measuring tools to solve a maths problem.
The task was to fit Granny’s rug in the hallway, students had to cut the rug to ensure it fit, then work out the total area of the rug. It was a hands-on maths task! 

Students hard at work!

Bear Experts!

We have been learning all about bears this week.

In reading, we have been reading a non-fiction book called ‘Bear Cubs’ and have been using QR codes to learn facts about polar bears (click here to see the clip we used). To show our learning, we have been drawing pictures and writing keywords about what we have learnt.

 Gracie found out that polar bears are very clever, and that the mumma bear teaches her babies (which are called cubs) to hunt!

Noah learnt that polar bears are white to camouflage into the snow!

We have also been planning, writing, labelling and publishing information reports on bears.

Stay tuned to find out more! 


What’s The Weather Like?

In inquiRE, we have been looking at what the weather is like. We have talked about the different types of weather and now we are finding out what happens during that type of weather.

This week we had our very first experiment, we are finding out what happened to rain clouds!

First the preps had to make sure they got all their materials and worked together to do the experiment. We found out that rain does not happen straight away and that the rain slowly falls down through the cloud and eventually it rains. Here are some pictures of our experiment.

 image image

Famous Scientists

As part of our science unit this term we have been looking at famous scientist and inventors who have made important contributions to our world. Some of the scientists we have looked at are Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, Sir Isaac Newton, Ernest Rutherford and Galileo Galilei. 
The students have enjoyed researching their scientist and creating a poster on Google Drawing. Have a look below at some of the posters we created!

Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to everyone for supporting our Father’s Day Breakfast. Great job mums preparing a banquet! A lot to live up to next year dads. 

Here are some reflections from our students about their dads.

  • My dad always says: Big man
  • My dad’s job is: fixing STUFF
  • My dad always says: I love you all the time
  • My dad is 75 years old!
  • He loves to eat: marshmallows
  • His favorite color is: black and yellow

unnamed (1)

Book Week Art

Last Monday the whole school celebrated Book Week by participating in an art activity associated with one of the Book Week books. The Preps read Go to Sleep, Jessie. The 1/2s read A House of Her Own. The 3/4s read Pig the Pug and the 5/6s read The Stone Lion. It was great to see everyone engaged in a creative response and sharing their work in a whole school assembly in the afternoon. We explored many art skills as well as enjoying books by Australian authors and illustrators.


Subtraction Super Stars

In 1/2 this week we are revisiting subtraction. We have been brainstorming other ways we can say subtraction, and thinking about the different strategies we can use. We played a fun game called ‘1 or bust’. We had to use our maths brains to decide whether we were going to continue subtracting and make it as close to one, or whether we would go beyond 1 and bust!

Lots more subtraction fun to be had!

IMG_3534 IMG_3530

Genius Hour

In 5/6I, Genius Hour Passion Projects have come to an end and some students are on to their next passion project! The students created blogs,  imovies, slide shows, role plays and interviews to present their learning. It has been an engaging and enriching learning experience!

Here are some brilliant student blogs created during Genius Hour…



Watch this youtube clip as an introduction into Genius Hour…