Roseville Buddy Program

Yesterday the Year 5 students from 5/6I visited Roseville. There seems to be a common trend with our Roseville visits…the day starts off with gloomy weather (often rain as we are about to leave), we then brave the elements and head off to Roseville. Upon arriving, the weather clears up and we enter to smiling faces waiting for us in the warm and comfy lounge room at Roseville.
To witness the joy and excitement from the students and also the Roseville buddies, is a truly beautiful sight! One Roseville resident shared with me how much he looks forward to the visits from the students and how well-mannered and considerate they all are. The Year 5 students each brought with them either a picture book, ipad or deck of cards to share with their buddy.  Everyone was having such a good time that we lost track of the time!! What a beautiful buddy program, community link and bond we have with Roseville.

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6 thoughts on “Roseville Buddy Program

  1. hmmm is this where Kayden is learning to play cards?? What a magnificent experience for both the kids and their ‘buddies’. I know Kayden really looks forward to the visits. Great Initiative!

  2. As the Manager of Roseville Serviced Apts we have welcomed a lot of children to our facility over the years, and have always been very impressed by the good behaviour & enthusiasm of the students. An again this years group have been just as great, we look forward to seeing you again soon and welcoming a new lot of children next year.

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