Our final Roseville visit!

Angie's reflectionToday the Year 5 students from 5/6I visited our lovely Roseville buddies for the last time this year. As we were walking to Roseville, many students reflected on the fond memories they have shared with their Roseville buddy. The most beautiful relationships have been developed over they year between the Roseville residents and the students, it has been delightful to witness each visit. Angie wrote a reflection of her time in the Roseville buddy programme this year. It is a heartfelt and honest recount of a truly wonderful buddy initiative that we have at St Charles.

Jack and John with their buddies Phyllis with her buddies The comical Sid! Artists at work with Jona

9 thoughts on “Our final Roseville visit!

  1. This wonderful relationship with our Roseville buddies is in its 11th year. The friendships that are made are so important to both the students and residents. The students are so respectful and treat their buddy with warmth and care. Thank you Mrs Ibrahim and your grade 5s for being part of this program this year.

  2. You guys are so lucky. You look like you are having so much fun.
    Well I think those sneaky photos were not so unexpected, but it was nice to see our buddies again.

  3. This year would be unforgettable. The year 4’s are going to have a great time net year! Oh, and I hope you all liked my summary about Roseville. Have a excellent year everyone.

    – Angie

  4. I loved catching up with our buddies. I think we all had such a great time seeing them and hearing about there stories.

  5. Thank you 5/6I for keeping this wonderful partnership alive.I loved joining you at Roseville and watching the joy on your buddies faces when you are with them.

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