End of Year Celebration- Carols Night

It was wonderful to see so m,any families join us last night to celebrate another great year at St. Charles. Thank you to our brilliant students who showcased their many gifts and talents. It was great to see so many teachers there last night and I thank them for this extra special effort. Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone and wishing you God’s blessing to you and your families.

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Christmas break up with BUPA and Roseville older buddies

Last week our grade 5s had their Christmas break up with their older buddies from BUPA and Roseville. The grade 5s treated their buddies to wonderful renditions of Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock and the 12 days of Christmas (complete with wonderful and creative costumes they created themselves). On the day there was plenty of fun, food and laughter and it was a lovely way to celebrate another wonderfully successful year of our older buddies program.


Staff v Students Match

IMG_0169There was a big crowd in attendance at the St Charles Borromeo Netball Stadium today to witness the sport being played at an elite level.

The staff opened the game with some early goals surprising the year 6s and themselves. As they celebrated the year 6s began to claw back, but at the end of the match the staff were victorious.


Staff 7 d Students 3

IMG_0174 IMG_0483

Buddy Fun

Today the Year 5/6 and Prep buddies were treated to a fun activity morning thanks to the kids program ‘Kaboom!’ A big thanks to Luke from Kaboom for coming and running an action packed and FUN morning of outdoor buddy activities. It was fabulous to see the huge smiling faces and funky dance moves this morning. What a great end of year buddy activity!!

IMG_3925 IMG_3930 IMG_3936


Yesterday the Year 6 students along with Mr Thomas, Miss Hahn, Mrs Camilleri and Mrs Ibrahim went on the BIG day out. we went to the Kew Pools, Lygon St for pizza and gelati and finished off at bowling. The Year 6 students had an awesome day and it was a great celebration to finish off the year for these fabulous class of 2015!!

IMG_3905 IMG_3908 IMG_3909

Prep Advent Paraliturgy

On Monday, the prep classes presented our final Advent Paraliturgy. We rehearsed enthusiastically during last week, sounding like angels with our rendition of ‘Prepare Ye’ as the fourth Advent candle was lit. A different version of the Christmas Story was performed, with the story being told through the eyes of animals present at the first Christmas, in Bethlehem. The audience was delighted as we performed Michael Chinn’s ‘Off We Go To Bethlehem, complete with the instrumental accompaniment of tambourine, triangle and clapping sticks!IMG_0375


Sian Wilson Friendship Award

At our graduation ceremony each year we remember Sian Wilson through the Sian Wilson Friendship award. This special award is given to two Year 6 graduating students (one boy and one girl) each year. The two students who are awarded the Sian Wilson Friendship award, are those who show kindness, care and love to all students and staff. This year the recipients of this wonderful award are Phenix and Carla. Congratulations to these VERY worthy Year 6 students.

The beautiful Sian.

The beautiful Sian.

Claire, Phenix, Carla and Mark.

Claire and Mark (Sian’s parents) with Phenix and Carla. 

Year 6 Graduation

Last night, we celebrated the Graduating Class of 2015. The Year 6 students did an amazing job at leading the night and it was a wonderful celebration of the Year 6 student’s journey at St Charles Borromeo. We began the night with a beautiful mass lead by Father Gerry and continued with a celebration in our school hall.

Some Year 6 students reflected on the night…

‘I think the best part was when Carla and Phenix got the Sian Wilson Friendship Award’- Olivia 

‘It was a night to remember, my favourite part was when we got to perform our song, dance and got to share with our parents our scrapbooks’- Alessia 

‘I liked the slideshow of photos at the end’- Sharni 

‘I think many parents also enjoyed the night and liked reflecting on our journey in primary school’- Clarece 

‘The most memorable part was when I received the Sian Wilson award. I felt honored to get the award’- Phenix 

Year 6 students at the end of mass.

Year 6 students at the end of mass. We ended mass with a beautiful rendition of our school song. 

Students, parents and teachers enjoying the Year 6 graduation celebration.

Students, parents and teachers enjoying the Year 6 graduation celebration.

Bucket filling was a highlight of the night! The students shared heartfelt messages and filled each other's bucket!

Bucket filling was a highlight of the night! The students shared heartfelt messages and filled each other’s bucket!

Personal Best


These are just some of Chloe’s ribbons from Little Athletics. I really love the concept of personal best – always trying to improve on your previous efforts and performances. A great goal for everyone is to go for your personal best – it might be good enough to win but if it’s not, you can be satisfied that you did your best.

Wicking Garden Bed

So, what  is a wicking bed?  Well  it’s essentially a giant “self watering pot” in the form of a garden bed. It is a garden bed designed to draw water up from a reservoir below, through the soil directly to the roots.  The students on the 3/4 level decided to create this smart ‘watering pot’ as part of the unit on being Water Wise.  The fact that the watering occurs under the ground, there is less evaporation and the water goes straight to the roots, making this an efficient and effective way of watering and saving water.

The students dug out the soil and made a trench, the pipe was laid and then the soil was evenly spread on top.  Thank you to Mr Thomas and Moya for helping us with the heavy moving of the soil. 

Now it is ready for planting!  Ideas are welcome! 




Thanks to Our Wonderful Board

Last night the parent board gathered to acknowledge another great year, to welcome new members and to thank out going members. We said farewell to James and Michelle both very generous with the sharing of their gifts and talents. Michelle has been chair of the board for the last five years and during this time she has also taught science to our very lucky students. James has been the leader of our car park committee this role expanded into organising our dad nights and coordinating our working bees. We will miss both of them and the contribution made by them. 


Have you seen our Christmas Tree?

Have you seen our Christmas Tree?


Real Tree

We were very disappointed to realise this afternoon, that in the last 24 hours someone has stolen the St. Charles Christmas Tree. It wasn’t the tree decorated in the office, but the beautiful one planted in the gardens opposite the staffroom windows.


Mr. C was too distraught to comment on the disappearance. He is doing his best to solve the crime at this difficult time.

IMG_1427   image

Mr. Thomas has been taken into questioning due to the evidence in the image below.



(This was very disappointing to realise. This tree would have been a lovely addition to our Carols next Tuesday night. If you do hear/or have seen something, please contact Mr. Thomas)



After seeing this piece of equipment at the start of the year demonstrated at a professional development day, I was very excited to be able to use it with the 3/4 level last week. It can really hone our catching skills and we can also use it for hitting using rounders, baseball or cricket bats and tennis racquets. Last week we used it indoors with tennis balls and practised catching using our fingers and hands – not on our chest.

Italian Bupa Visit

image image

Last Thursday a group of Year 3 and 4 students visited Bupa to share their learning in Italian. Bupa has at least 25 Italian speaking residents and the 3/4 students entertained them with the songs “Andiamo in Italia”, “Che tempo fa?”, “Che Ora é?” and finally a Christmas song  “Tin Tin Tin”.

Molto bravi ragazzi!

1/2 Advent Liturgy

This morning the 1/2’s performed their Advent Liturgy in a fabulous and joyous way! We celebrated the third week of advent, lighting the pink, or rose-coloured candle, which represents joy. We invite you to take some time to reflect on these questions: When do you feel joy? Where do you see joy? Who brings you joy? How do you spread joy?

Christmas is a time of year that we all love in 1/2, spending time with our families and opening presents. But it is important to remind ourselves of the true meaning, celebrating Jesus’ birth.

IMG_3018   IMG_3023

Getting into the Christmas spirit with carols at Bunnings on Saturday

On Saturday a group of eleven grade 5/6 girls met Miss Hahn at Bunnings warehouse in Eltham, dressed in Christmas colours and sporting happy smiles. The girls did a wonderful job performing carols to the Bunnings shoppers and in addition to receiving lots of enthusiastic applause (including from Mr Thomas and his boys who came down to offer some support), they also received a $100 Bunnings gift voucher for the school. Well done on a great job girls :)!carols carols 2

Rounders Final

IMG_3689Yesterday, the Year 5/6 girls rounders team played in their final against Serpells Primary School. The girls played very well and with courage against a very tough, skilled and experienced opponent! The friendly match they played at the end was fun and allowed the teams to mix up and get to know the Year 5/6 Serpells girls. One student even recognised Alessia from kinder!!! Well done to the girls rounders team, you did St Charles proud!

IMG_3695 IMG_3697

Sharing our creative writing on the iPad



In 1/2 this term, we have been learning about a range of text types from Exposition and Explanation to revision of our creative writing. This week, student’s planned and composed their own creative stories that started from a ‘seed’ (one idea) and grew from there. I had the pleasure of hearing one child read me the beginning of their story about looking for treasure in the desert! Go 1/2’s!!