Mathematics at St Charles!


Some of the students from 3/4KC have shared what they enjoy about Mathematics at St Charles.

I enjoy Maths because it helps me and I like all the fun games that we play. – Bianca

I enjoy Maths because it helps me to learn adding, subtracting and multiplying. – Hudson

I like Maths because we get to do every single topic. My favourite is is addition and subtraction. – Elyssia

I like Maths because sometimes we get to play maths games. I like learning about ‘take away’ and finding the answer. – Christian

I like Maths because I can learn a lot of different things. My favourite topic is plave value because it helps me to learn bigger numbers. – Olivia M

I like Maths because it is fun to learn and I like that we get to play games. My favourite topic is place value. – Olivia S

I like Maths becuase I enjoy learning new things and playing fun games. – Indianna

I enjoy Maths because you learn how to count and my favourite topic is place value because I can read 5 digit numbers. – CHloe 

I like Maths because I feel comfortable with it. It is not too hard but not too easy. – Georgia

I enjoy Maths because I get to try and challenge myself. I really enjoy challenging myself with multiplication. – Massimo

My favourite part of Maths is doing place value and playing place value games. – Mia

I enjoy Maths because there are always new and fun activities that we can also share with our families. My favourite topic is multiplication because I like to work it out in my head. – Mercedes

I like Maths because it helps understand my numbers and how I use them. This helps me solve Maths problems easily. – Sabina

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  1. This is fantastic to see so many positive and enthusiastic attitudes towards maths :). It’s one of my favourite subjects!

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