Students as researchers workshop 2

Today 5/6H had their second workshop with staff from the Catholic Education Melbourne looking at being safe at school. The students have worked through a process of collecting data, analysing it and making recommendations that will be taken to Leadership. The recommendations will also go towards a resource that will be written for all primary schools. I was so impressed with the student’s maturity and deep thinking as they worked in teams through this process. Our students really know how to use student voice to make a difference and were so comfortable to giving their opinions and were respectful of each others.


Brilliant work.CEM 56H workshop 2 (1) CEM 56H workshop 2 (2)

Easter Bupa Visit

Easter fun at Bupa!

3/4G was lucky enough to be invited to visit Bupa today for an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately due to the weather we weren’t able to go outside, so instead we had a great time chatting to some of the residents. 

The students shared holiday stories and discussed their plans for Easter, and at the end they were very lucky enough to receive handmade Easter egg baskets, filled with a lot of eggs! 

image image image  imageHappy Easter everyone!

Choir performances Bupa and assembly

We have created a choir group this year with students from grade 3 to grade 6. We have been learning and rehearsing very hard every Monday lunch time in preparation for our performance at Bupa retirement village.

Our performance at Bupa went extremely well, with Amazing Grace and Somewhere Over the Rainbow being the favourite songs for the residents (they liked Amazing Grace so much that they sang along with us and requested an encore, which we happily did).

The choir group were lucky enough to have the opportunity to perform two of their songs to the whole school before the Stations of the Cross today.

We are looking forward to more performances next term and already have two concerts scheduled in at Bupa :). Congratulations for the dedication shown by all students in the choir group! 

   choir 3choir 2choir

Our school Easter Liturgy

Today we shared in the Stations of the Cross liturgy as a school community, lead by the Year 5/6 students. It was a time to reflect on the sacrifices Jesus made for all of us.


The Year 5/6 level  shared their own personal responses…

What Good Friday means to me…

It is about reflecting on the good actions that Jesus did and how Jesus died for us- Francesca

The stations of the cross is about showing the values of consideration as Jesus helped others and was crucified for us- Callum

Jesus died for us, it is a time to be kind to others- Amy

If I could choose a character I would be…

I would be Jesus because I’d like to show his values- Lanah

I’d choose Mary, because she’s kind and caring. Even though she knows her son is dying she has to accept it because he is sacrificing for us- Elena

I’d be Veronica because she helped Jesus and she felt sorry for him- Jemma

I’d choose Jesus because he shows respect for others- Dante.K

I’d be Simon because he helps and supports Jesus- Thomas & Erin

I’d be Jesus because I’d always put my family before me- Dom K

I’d choose Simon because he had the confidence to stand up to others- Catherine

What does Good Friday and the Easter journey mean to you?

If you could choose a character who would you be and why? 

IMG_3495 IMG_3496


In  3/4 we have been studying the events of HOLY WEEK and in particular the events leading to and including Good Friday. We made these conclusions!

We  know Jesus suffered and it seems like a really sad story, but it’s one of the greatest stories of all!  

Jesus died for everybody’s sins, so now when we ask God to forgive us, and we are truly sorry for what we’ve done, He will act like it never happened.  That’s right, He forgets what we did!  We try not to repeat the mistakes. 

We drew our stations representing what happened to Jesus on Good Friday. 

We ask that you reflect on these pictures and think about how his family might have felt seeing Jesus suffer and treated without any dignity!


We would love you to leave us a comment on your thoughts and feelings. 

Prep Transition Forum

Thank you to the parents who attended and emailed feedback about our Prep Transition Program. It was a great forum with eight parents attending and three sending emails, the following statement I received as an email:

I’ve heard and certainly witnessed for myself how welcoming and friendly the wider staff are in making the time and effort to get to know the children by name, exchange a few words or a friendly hello, which in effect creates a warm environment and a sense of belonging for any child.  In all, a fantastic effort on a holistic approach to the Transition Program by the team at St Charles.

If you couldn’t attend and wish to provide feedback please feel free to comment! 


Prep Colour Flowers

The Preps have made a great start to art! We have been learning about colour mixing and the colour wheel.

They have painted, drawn lines with oil pastels, traced a template, cut around their shapes and glued their petals down to the background. A colour wheel centre and a stem and leaf with scrunched paper were the finishing touches. They look fabulous, Preps! Did you enjoy this task?

IMG_2766 IMG_2788


The Last Supper

The preps continued to build on their understanding of the Easter Story this week, as they were introduced to the events of Holy Thursday.

To begin, we read the story of Jesus, and his friends, in the big book. Then we re enacted the story of the Last Supper together. We ate bread, we drank ‘wine’ and we watched Miss Lockyer wash the feet of a ‘disciple’. We also watched a clip on the IWB.

We talked about the message that Jesus gave at the Last Supper. ” LOVE ONE ANOTHER”!

Do you remember everything that happened on Holy Thursday?

Extracurricular Club – Programmers Club

pclubIt was a packed room today at lunch for Programmers Club. It was also great to see some new faces.

Have a look at some of the programs being worked on below.


GOBO THE GREAT – By Greta (3/4S)

Instructions: Press the spacebar and see what happens.

M!!!!!!!!!!!!! – By Sofia (3/4G)
Instructions: Click on the green flag.

SUPER PONG – By Lucas (3/4S)
Instructions: Click on the green flag and move your mouse.

BOUNCE – By Thomas (3/4S)
Instructions: Click on the green flag and move your mouse.

Great WIN!

What a great win by  Matteo, Brodie, Harry, Michael, Angus, Max  and Riley  (past St Charles’ student) last Saturday in their Grand Final against Eltham. The boys won 39 to 25.

Congratulations to all the boys and a special well done to Matteo for receiving the Most Determined Player award.

Basketball 2

My Opinion is…

This term in 5/6 we have been participating weekly in ‘My Opinion is…’ It is sort of like our version of show and tell but with weekly topics! The 5/6’s have been so impressive with their creative responses and the way in which they challenged themselves to improve from feedback given. In 5/6I, we went outside in the sunshine to listen to some student’s speeches. What have you learnt from participating in ‘My Opinion is…’ each week? 

Enjoying the sunshine and listening to a speech

Enjoying the sunshine and listening to a speech

Rounders grand final


I have just been sent the results of the summer interschool sport and I am delighted to tell you that the boys rounders team has made the grand final. We do have to play a mini round robin against Doncaster Gardens Blue and Templestowe Valley to progress. Please wish them the best of luck in their games. The anticipated date is Thursday the 14th of April although this is not confirmed with all the other teams yet. As soon as I find out, I will let you know

St Patrick’s Day Celebration

Our school leaders celebrated the feast of St Patrick, Patron Saint of our Archdiocese at the cathedral today. The homily began by asking us if we liked celebrating our birthday, did we have a hero that we looked up to and did we want to do something special in our life. This led onto the life of St Patrick who followed in Jesus’ footsteps and a call for us to serve others. At the conclusion of Mass, we walked to the gardens for live entertainment and games. 


1/2B Class Mass

On St. Patrick’s Day 1/2B celebrated a beautiful mass with their families. It was wonderful to see so many adults joining us and a big thank you to Mrs Callea for preparing the mass with the children. Also thank you to Miss Greenlaw for organising the music. 1/2B were amazing, doing their roles with such joy and confidence. Thank you for praying for Miss Bugno, I’m sure she felt a little better knowing you were thinking of her. 

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