What’s been happening in 3/4

As usual we have been very busy! This week we have learnt how to leave comments on our school blog. The blog is great as we can see what all of the other classes are doing!

IMG_1049IMG_1050In class we are reading the book, ‘Rowan of Rin’ by Emily Rodda, which is a fantasy adventure. We have learnt how to create a concept map by linking ideas to show cause and effect.


In Inquiry we are conducting our own research projects related to the main question,
‘How can we maintain happy hearts, healthy minds and body and harmonious communities?’. We are in the process of creating posters to share our learning. 

IMG_1061Another great event was working with our buddies to make a mosaic Cross to represent the death of Jesus.

We watched the story of the ‘The Three Tree’. here are some of our insights.

Thomas’ reflection is,  ‘life doesn’t always go as planned’. 

Greta said, ‘what ever your dreams, God will always give you something better’. 

Chloe’s reflection is, “what ever you dream of,  God will give you something that you will love more”. 

Watch this moving story let us know your reflection. 

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  1. Great work 3/4S and Mrs Sirianni! I love the story of ‘The Three Trees’. There are some great links to lent and Easter. What connections can you make to Lent and life in general from the clip?

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