Using technology the right way

Hello! I just want to point out some things about how we are treating/using the technology.

  1. Trolleys –   Some people are putting the laptops and iPads the wrong way into the trolley.  I would really appreciate it if the people who know the right way to tell the people who are doing it the wrong way. Please remember how many devices fit into the slots. (MacBooks: 4) (Chromebooks: 3) (iPad: 2)
  2. Holding the Laptops the right way – Now I see this a lot. Please hold them with two hands. If your holding it in just one there’s a chance that it will fall out of your hands and break.
  3. Stacking The laptops – You can only Stack 2 Macbooks on top of each other. With chromebooks its the same – only 2.
  4. Follow online expectations – We want everyone to have a good time on the technology. Please always follow the expectations.

I hope you look after the technology more after reading this. 






14 thoughts on “Using technology the right way

  1. These are fantastic tips and reminders for other students Nicola. Well done on doing such a wonderful job as ICT Monitor :)!

  2. It is great to see you showing such responsibility in your role as ICT Monitor, Nicola. They are important reminders about looking after our technology and following expectations. Well done.

  3. Nicola, you are a very responsible ICT monitor, you are taking your leadership role very seriously – good on you. Thank you for the reminders in using the technology we have available to us at the school, I hope everyone reads the reminders and remembers to follow them.
    Great thinking in using the blog to get the message out there Nicola, keep it up!!!

  4. Good on you Nicola!
    It’s wonderful to see students with leadership roles being so responsible. Your blog is very informative and well presented.

  5. We are very lucky to have these devices and your reminders about expectations are very important so we can all take responsibility for looking after our computers. Great job Nicola!

  6. I hope that people listen to this post because otherwise if don’t listen to the rules, we won’t be able to use the technology. 🙁

  7. Nicola? Wow, great work on your first post! You make a awesome ICT monitor, with George too. I just think you are very responsible on bringing that up, because it is true. See you soon!

  8. Thank you this is very helpful and at my school we have Chromebooks I will definitely hold my Chromebooks with both hands now.

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