Open-Minded Portraits

portraitsIn 3/4KC we read the book “Boss of the Pool”. There were two main characters in the book, Shelley and Ben. Shelley’s mum worked at a hostel where Ben lived. The students chose one of these characters to illustrate and write about themselves being that character.

Here are some phrases that the children wrote about being that character!


  • I had the worst summer holiday ever.
  • My mum works at a boring old hostel which I have to go to.
  • There is a creepy boy named Ben, who can’t pronounce my name!
  • Ben thinks that I’m his girlfriend!
  • My mum works at a hostel as an occupational therapy aid.
  • I have three best friends and their names are Megan, Denise and Petra.
  • I have to stay with old Mrs. Murray, my next door neighbour.


  • I have a friend called Shelley who comes through the week (oh, I love it when she comes).
  • I like my teddy bear and my favourite football time is the Richmond Tigers.
  • Every day I stay by the entry of the hostel waiting for Shelley to arrive.
  • Shelley said I could come in for a swim if I put my bathers on in under 10 secs.
  • I am scared of the pool, but I go in so I can get a silver star.


3 thoughts on “Open-Minded Portraits

  1. Very interesting work!!!
    Well done everyone for putting a lot of creative colours in to your wonderful work.

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