Someone Who Is Special To Me

This week in our InquiRE unit we have been talking about my family and we have created an artwork to show a special someone what they mean to us. We used the sentence My _____ is special to me because____

It was beautiful to hear all the lovely things about our family members and why so many people are special to the 1/2J class. We hope that you can come on in and have a look at our work in the next couple of weeks and definitely check out if you’re our special someone.

In the comments let 1/2J know who is special to you and why?

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2 thoughts on “Someone Who Is Special To Me

  1. What a lovely idea! I feel very lucky to have many people who are special to me but I’d like to tell you about my Grandma. She is 92 and my last living grandparent. My grandma is a kind and generous woman with a beautiful heart. I love hearing her tell me stories about life when she was growing up. One of my favourite memories I have is seeing her sitting right up the front of the church on my wedding day.

  2. Well I have quiet a few people that are special to me, but my most is my mum.
    She is special to me because she is the one that does all the work in the house and makes breakfast,lunch and dinner/dessert.
    She is a wonderful women that has a really kind and respecting heart.
    So this is why she is special to me.

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