Grade 3-4 presetation 9-10am_1 (1)The 3/4 level has had some interesting and notable visitors to the classrooms this week. Have you heard of these people; Mary Wade, Elizabeth Hayward, Phoebe Flarty, Captain James Cook, Captain Arthur Phillip, William Dampier, Dirk Hartog, William Buckley, Deborah Ellam, Bennelong? 

Some are convicts, some are navigators and explorers and one is even the first governor of New South Wales.  He had the task of setting up the new colony in 1788. 

Here they are! Can you figure out who is who?  Let us know if you recognise any of these notable people from our history? 




We communicated our learning to our parents, family members and our classmates.  

Bounce Back

Bounce Back pic 2Bounce BackBounce back is a great way to express your feelings. We have a lot of fun doing AWESOME activities like coping with others and yourself.  Also we have been learning about how we keep our self positive. Some of the activities are KEEP TRYING, HAVE A GO, HAVE FUN. Maybe sometimes you can say one of these to a friend.

Podcasts for kids

Headphone-iconI have two podcasts for your enjoyment this week. “Brains On!” is a science show and “Sir Alvin & the Dragon” is a humorous story. 


Without GPS, we’d be lost. Literally! Thanks to these radio transmissions from space though, we’re able to pinpoint our location and find our way home. Join us as we learn all about satellites, how the robot voice of GPS is created and how atomic clocks hold it all together.

Source: MPR News & Southern California Public Radio (website)


A cowardly medieval knight called Alvin is called upon to save a village from a dragon.

But what exactly is the bravest course of action?

Source: BBC – School Radio (Just Think Podcasts) (website)



Museum Melbourne


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The Melbourne Museum is filled with many exciting and wonderful objects from the past. The 3/4 level had an exhausting but exhilarating day learning about the life of our First Australians as part of our history topic. Here are some words that we thought described the day!


In the Bunjilaka gallery we had a lesson and we used Ipad technology to record our learning. Have a listen to some of our work. 

Tell us what you think about the Museum and what we did? 


Heart Kids Foundation

Dear families of St Charles,

In 5/6I we do a program called Genius Hour. For our Genius Hour passion project, we have decided to focus on ‘Heart Kids’ which is a charity that supports kids with heart problems. As a part of our project we are asking all classes to support the heart kid by donating 50 cents. Each class will have a box which you can put your donation in.

The class that raises the most donations will get  20 minutes of extra recess time.

Thanks from Portia and Aaliyah



Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week starts Friday the 27th. It is an event to celebrate the Aboriginals and their culture. Has anyone heard of Michael Long? He was an AFL footballer and is an Aboriginal. He has started the Long Walk, where you walk from Fed Square to the MCG, which is pretty long!

Us Fire Carriers decided that we would do a long walk ourselves! It will be very enjoyable. Maybe you could do a Long Walk with your family!


Michael Long with the Aboriginal flag.

Whitefriars and Siena Musical Review!

swconcertThe 3/4 level went to Karralyka Theatre, Ringwood to see Whitefriars College and Siena College perform a musical entitled ‘A Night at the Movies‘!

Here are some reviews of the concert by 3/4KC students!

On Wednesday, 25th May, the 3/4’s went to a musical with some other schools. They were Our Lady of the Pines, St Peter and Paul’s and St Charles Borromeo. We gathered at Karralyka Theatre where Whitefriars and Siena Colleges did songs and acts about music and comedy. It was fantastic to watch and it was very long and sadly we didn’t get to see all of Whitefriar’s songs and plays. – Reyhan

On Wednesday we went to see an amazing play. It was so funny and I was excited to see the next act and the next and the next one. We had a break and I was starving. There is only one word that I can use to describe it. Spectacular! I had the time of my life and the music was fantastic. I loved it. – Georgia

On Wednesday the 25th of May, the 3/4’s went to go see an amazing musical held by Siena and Whitefriars College. The musical was all about movies through the ages. It was full of singing, dancing and comedy. The show was split into 2 halves, one half was by Siena and the other was performed by Whitefriars. My favourite performance performed by Siena was when Crocodile Dundee teachers 3 girls how to survive in the outback. My favourite performance by Whitefriars was when old actors took pills and did something crazy. It was great! – Bianca

On Wednesday, 25th May, the 3/4 Level all went to the theatre to watch a musical from Whitefriars Collage with Siena College. The musical was about the history of music. It was really good. It was funny! My favourite part was when they did the ballroom dancing scene. It was hilarious! I loved all the singing and dancing. They were so, so good. I also like the Crocodile Dundee act. It was the best musical ever and they were outstanding. I had a greSat day! – Chloe

On the 25th of May, the 3/4’s went to Whitefriars the muscial. I think Siena had better dancing and singing and my favourite performance was the girls with that had colourful capes and were dancing. Whitefriars performances were mostly comedy. My favourite was where they were an version of James Bond, Rocky and Arnold Schwarzenegger. My favourite mixed performance was where the girls and boys were dancing together and one boy did the dancing all wrong and then everyone got mad. His mum also was so crazy! – Nicholas

Choir performances :)

Our choir group are continuing to grow in skill and confidence and were lucky enough to have two performance opportunities within a week of each other :). Last Wednesday we went to Bupa and performed five songs for the residents. The residents loved the performance and we decided we would like to perform for St Charles teachers and some friends, which we did this Monday. Our choir is now working towards a choir competition against other schools taking place on the 17th of June. Here are some photos from our performances :).

choir 3 Bupa-1 choir 2

Principal for a Day

It is time again for us to select our 5/6 student principal for a day. Applications close on Monday 30 May at 3pm. If you wish to write an application you must address the following criteria:

1- Why have you applied for this position?

2- What would you like to do on this day? 

If you wish to apply to be on the panel to select our principal please email our current principal outlining what question(s) you would like to ask. This is also due on the 30 May 3 pm. 

Interviews will be conducted on June 8 and our successful principal will take over on June 15 for a day. 

The big question is: Which grade will little Gregory corrupt for a day! 


Cross country results

Congratulationimage1 (1)s to Zane M. for winning his race. He now qualifies to run at the district cross country event to be held at the Yarra Glen race course on the 7th of June. We know that he will represent us with distinction.

Julian K. finished 11th in his race and has been named emergency for the race in Yarra Glen.

I was very proud of the efforts of the following students:

Holly, Lani, Amy, Jake, Daniel K., Callum, Joshua T., Kayden, Julian K., Zane M., Isla, Alyssa, Elena, Chase, Isaac, Sebastian R., Oliver, Summer, Bianca M., Sabina, Chloe R., Sienna B. Chloe K., Ava H., Caitlin, Greta, Alexis, Lucas F., Dylan, Oscar C., Anthony C., Ned, Nicholas M., Ethan, Zane E., George G., Alexander R. and Anthony S.

I am very grateful for the assistance of Francine, Margot and Narelle who acted as marshalls.

Thanks also to Mr. C. and Mrs. I.

Podcasts for kids



All jellyfish sting, but not all jellyfish sting people. In this episode, we learn about how jellyfish sting and how they eat. Plus: stro-bi-la-tion (how jellyfish grow up).


Source: MPR News & Southern California Public Radio (website)

Past Episodes on our blog:

3/4 Homework Task

The video below gives a brief introduction to some of Australia’s most important events in history. Watch the video and make a comment on what you found most interesting. You might like to do some further research on one of the events mentioned and share your learning in the comment box below!