May Birthdays

Happy Birthday to everyone at St Charles! Best wishes to Zachariah (Prep L), Amaya (Prep M) , Noah (Prep L), Savannah (Prep L), Emma (1/2B), Kade (1/2C), Adam (1/2B), Hudson (1/2C), Christopher (1/2B), Caleb (1/2J), Mae (1/2C), Marie (1/2J), Matteo (1/2B), Ava (3/4s), Olivia (3/4KC), Mia (3/4KC), George (3/4S), Erin (5/6C), Sarina (5/6C), Elena (5/6C), Jemma (5/6C), Dante (5/6H), Anja (5/6H) and Stephanie (5/6I)!


4 thoughts on “May Birthdays

  1. Happy birthday to everyone.
    May your wishes come true and I that joy and happiness spreads out through your life.💝💝💝

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