Principal for a Day

It is time again for us to select our 5/6 student principal for a day. Applications close on Monday 30 May at 3pm. If you wish to write an application you must address the following criteria:

1- Why have you applied for this position?

2- What would you like to do on this day? 

If you wish to apply to be on the panel to select our principal please email our current principal outlining what question(s) you would like to ask. This is also due on the 30 May 3 pm. 

Interviews will be conducted on June 8 and our successful principal will take over on June 15 for a day. 

The big question is: Which grade will little Gregory corrupt for a day! 


4 thoughts on “Principal for a Day

  1. I’m going to do it because its a good opportunity for me to be able to know this school much better.
    I know that I’ve came here in grade three but i still don’t know the rules that much.
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Congratulation who ever gets to be the principal.Hope you have a great time.

    • I think you made a good choice by entering to be principal for a day Sarina and I also hope who ever gets to be principal for a day has a great time.

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