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  1. I think the prices should be higher because the farmers need to get payed more and get more money to raise their family and so they can get more keep their cows so people can have chesse,milk,yogurt and ice-cream

    • I agree with Taylar. They should lower the prices to give the farmers the money they need and it won’t hurt anyone if you pay 1 dollar or 2 extra

      • I definettly agre. This is because when you think about it how high could it possibly get? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! And just like Holly said it’s only going to be one or two dollars extra.It’s not like it will be one hundred dollars!

    • I agree with Tayla. They should lower the prices to give the farmers the money they need and it won’t hurt anyone if you pay 1 dollar or 2 extra

    • I agree with Tayla because it not fair if they don’t get enough money because might not want to keep going on with this business and then we will end up with no milk.

      • I agree with Mia that it is unfair that they do not get enough money and it will be harder to keep up if they do not have enough money.

    • I also agree with Tayla because our dairy farmers work hard to provide dairy products for us. I also think that the milk prices before hand where just fine, they were reasonably priced for the labour that went into producing the milk.

    • I agree with Tayla. I believe that the milk prices should be raised. The farmers work so hard to produce fresh milk for us and I believe they are not payed enough. The famers need money to keep the cows so we can have milk to drink and to make other important things with.

  2. I think that they should keep the milk price the way it was because in the video no one was complaining. I don’t know why they had to change it.

    • I agree with Josh, because the prices were fine and if we wanted to change them than it should go higher, not drop. The farmers have a hard enough time getting the milk and produce, so they should be greatly rewarded, not $5.00 a kilo!

      • I agree with Josh and Alyssa that the milk price was fine and now they made it lower if anything they should probably make it higher or keep it the same. Milk is an ESSENTIAL.

    • I agree with Josh. They shouldn’t of changed the prices because no one was complaining.

    • I agree with Josh. Also, to help the farmers, we should get the ACCC to force Devondale and Fonterra to give dairy farmers more money seeing as they are Multi-Millionares.

    • I’m with Josh on this one.
      No one is complaining in the video and also, the the farmers that they are interviewing don’t seem to be upset. Milk prices are just fine the way they are

    • I agree with Josh because no one is complaining about how high the price is, so why did they have to change it to make it lower for?

  3. I think the milk prises are to low. The farmers work hard to get the milk to us, so we should pay that little bit more to support them. We need milk to make so many things like chees and Ice-cream. I don’t really understand why they lowered the milk price personally I think it was perfectly fine.

    • I really agree with Georgia and think the prices are to low at shop, and I don’t think that many people would be affected in a bad way if made the price of milk higher.

    • I agree with Georgia, these prices are way to low how are farmers supposed to help there families. I thought it was very interesting that milk is used for other things such as cheese and ice cream!

    • I agree with Georgia about how the milk prices were fine because just as Georgia said everything was ok and we need milk to make cheese and ice-cream. I don’t understand why all of the brands of milk changed the prices on milk.

    • I agree with Georgia if they had to change anything it should be the prices not what the dairy farmer are getting for their milk solids.

    • I agree with Georgia they shouldn’t lower the prices of milk so they pay the farmers less per kilogram of milk if anything they should make the prices of milk go up by a dollar or two so they’re paying the farmers more for a kilogram of milk.

  4. I cannot see the video yet, but I will have to watch it at school. What Josh and Tayla said sounds quite interesting. Can’t wait to see it! πŸ™‚

  5. I think that the prices for supermarket milk should go up around $1 and make the dairy farmers milk go down $1. I think this because then people will buy the farmers milk because it’s cheaper and the farmers need more money than the supermarket because the supermarket already gets a lot of money from plain purchases. I think the same with butter, cheese and other dairy products in supermarkets. πŸ™‚

    • I strongly agree with Catherine. Milk is to cheap these days which doesn’t allow the dairy farmers to make much profit. I also think it’s unfair that all the work the dairy farmers do goes to waste πŸ™

  6. I think milk prices are way to low and I think it’s crazy that water is more expensive than milk. I think the prices should go up instead of everything going backwards. I think it’s devastating that farmers will lose money on each liter of milk they sell, and I really hope that milk prices will go up to what they were before-($5.60) and so the farmers can have enough money to educate their kids and to produce more milk.

  7. We should be very grateful for our wonderful dairy farmers! Without them we would not be able to access favourite foods like: ice cream, butter and cheese. Aren’t we lucky that we can go to the supermarkets and buy everything we need? Think, about the poor farmers who are just trying to make a living! I hope the government will consider this issue as a priority. There has to be a solution that will benefit everyone.

  8. We should be grateful and thankful for these amazing dairy farmers we have.
    Personally,i thing that the prices should go higher because imagine if these diary farmers didn’t have enough money for there family and they need money for there living.
    If these poor farmers don’t get money thats just a wrong doing because all these framers have used there time and have made these delicious food like:ice-cream,butter,cheese and milk and as i have watched this video about three times i strongly believe that there should put the price a bit higher.
    πŸ™ :0 πŸ™‚

  9. I agree with Francesca because we are very lucky to have milk. Milk is used all sorts of things like butter, Ice cream, cheese and yoghurt we also use it to make cakes and use it to drink coffee. It’s not fair if the farmers that produce milk are getting paid less on things like protein and fat.

  10. I think that it is really good that we are encouraged to buy the types of milks to support farmers.I really do believe that we can make a change and buy those types of milk.I definitely will encourage others to support our farmers that work hard to give us food.I think we should appreciate our farmers hard work.

  11. I think we should support dairy farmers by not buying supermarket milk. They work hard and should be paid fairly.

  12. I think they should make it cheap because if someone with not as much money has to buy milk they can actually afford it.

  13. I feel that people should be looking at what milk they buy in the supermarket and make sure they buy the milk from the dairy farmers so the money goes back to them and all the work they do.

  14. I think that the prices should go higher because then our Australian farmers will be paid better and will make more profit than losing profit from the drop of payment.

  15. I think this is really silly. Why is this happening? If we want milk in the future, we need to make a change! The milk prices are going down in 60 cents or more.This might not sound like a big deal, but when it all adds up, it’s a lot! So lets all support the farmers by buying Australian owned milk, and not the cheap super market milk.

  16. I think that the prices of milk should rise because there’s a long process that goes into making milk and selling it for $2 is way to cheap it should go up $1 so farmers have enough to look after themselves and there family.

  17. I think that the prices should stay because less people will buy the milk, but I also agree with other people because I think farmers are basically the ones who do all the hard work so they should get their fair share I also think that if farmers are losing money, the government should be the ones that pay the hard working farmers.

  18. I think that the prices should go up because the farmers are not earning any money and it is not fair.

  19. I think that raising the price for milk is a great idea as long as the extra money goes to the milk farmers instead of going to the supermarkets. Milk farmers should be payed more for there milk so they can stay on there land and keep their cows. Milk farmers put in a lot of hard work to get us fresh milk and we should be grateful for that.

  20. I think that the prices should be raised because imagine with out our dairy farmers!?!? With out them there would be no; ice-cream, butter and cheese. We should be very grateful that we can go to the supermarkets and get this food. Think about those poor farmers…..Thats why I think that the prices should be raised.

  21. I think that we should keep our milk prices how they are or just even raise them for farmers to produce more milk i mean really we love milk we have cereal Milo WHICH ALL HAVE MILK WE NEED MILK SO DON’T LOWER THE PRICES FOR FARMERS THEY ARE STRUGGLING!!!!

  22. I think that the prices of dairy products should be raised. It’s not like we can’t afford to pay a few cents more for our milk. Because of what’s happened to the dairy farmers, many of them have left and quit their jobs. What would happen if every dairy farmer did that? Imagine what it would be like without the things that we use in our day to day lives!

  23. I think they should raise the price. In my opinion its better if you do because your helping the dairy farmers pay. They should get a equal amount. Without them, we wouldn’t have anything dairy.

  24. I think we should put the prices up higher because all the farmers get milk from the cows and it takes a pretty long process for them to actually get the milk. If the super markets put the price lower the farmers are getting less money than they are suppose to. Even if we put the prices up by fence it will make a big difference for the farmers.

  25. In my opinion the prices should be higher so the farmers can provide for their families, because at the moment they can barely afford to put food on the table. They also put in a lot of effort being farmers but they don’t get much out of it.

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