BTN Home Learning Task- Cystic Fybrosis Awareness

This story on Cystic Fybrosis Awareness was touching and amazing to watch. Watch the clip and comment below.

You might like to consider the following when you are commenting;

  • The challenges Zoe faces daily
  • How Zoe shows determination and resilience in her life
  • How it would feel to live with Cystic Fybrosis (CF)
  • Something you learnt about CF

42 thoughts on “BTN Home Learning Task- Cystic Fybrosis Awareness

  1. In my opinion I think that to live with cystic fibroses would be a struggle and all of the medication that Zoe needs to take daily I really felt for her. I learnt that cystic fibroses has a lot of symtoms.

    • I agree Lanah. I feel really bad for Zoe. Imagine how hard it is for her having to miss out on school and then having to do heaps of homework at one time. I also think it’s amazing how much medication she has to take in a day. It must be really hard for her.

      • I really like how you have included about the medication because that was whole lot but the fact that she could keep up is amazing.

    • I think the same as lanah I think it woulds be very hard to keep up with the medication and it is also very hard with excursions and school camps because she would have to miss out

  2. Some of the challenges Chloe faced was the food she ate.
    her lung which travels to the bit which collected all the fat different work so thats why she couldn’t eat things that included a lot of fat.
    Something i learnt from C.F. was that nearly more than 3,000 people have C.F.
    🙁 🙁

  3. I found that video really powerful and it makes me wonder how it can be a part, in someone’s life. I wonder how she would keep up with all her homework if she is always in hospital, it must be very challenging. She has such great courage and determination, especially how she misses out on her school camps and excursions. I wonder how it feels to live a life like Zoe’s. It’s good how she puts everything a side and tries not to worry about it. I learnt that 3,000 or more people in Australia have Cystic Fybrosis. I really hope that we one day find a cure to help people like Zoe have a better life.

  4. I feel sorry for her because she needs to go to the doctor all the time to check if there is anything wrong even if she has a cold. She also has to have a bit of medicine before she eats! I would probably forget after 1 or 2 times

  5. I would feel absolutely afraid and lonely even if I’m not lonely if I had CF. So I think that Zoe shows a lot of courage in her life to deal with this and move on. I think it would be really hard to face all her daily problems like taking all those medicines and going to hospital most time also not getting real education while she is at the hospital. In my opinion I think that everyone with CF is very brave. 🙂

  6. I think that it is great how Zoe can fight through all of the challenges that CF give her and I I were here I don’t know if I would be able to cope.

    • sorry 🙁 I mean ‘ If ‘ when I say ‘can fight through all of the challenges that CF give her and IF i were her’

  7. 1. I think it would be really challenging for her because when I first saw her I honestly thought she was 8 but it turned out that she was 13!
    2. She thinks about the positive things in life and that she is not the only one that has CF
    3. I would find it really hard to keep up with all the medication she has to take.
    4. Something I learnt about CF would have to be everything! I never knew that 3,000 people in Australia have deal with this every day!

    • I agree with Holly, It would be really hard especially at her age. The amount of medication that she takes is to much! I really hope they find a cure, this is really sad and i hope all the best for Zoe.

  8. All these opinions are so interesting.
    These opinions are so creative that i agree with everyones.

  9. I think it would be awful to live with CF.However I found it really inspirational how Zoe was strong and continued on with her her everyday life.I learnt that there is currently no cure and in Australia there are 3,000 people living with CF.

    • I agree with Leila because it would be really hard to live with CF and Zoe is so brave i really feel for her.

  10. Like Josh, I feel sorry for her because she gets a ton of medicine and she can’t go to school and like she said in the video if she just has a runny nose she goes to the hospital striate.

  11. Some challenges Zoe faced was having too much medication, having to go to the hospital a lot (even if they are just minor symptoms) and the mucous damaging her lungs that cause her a lot of destress and sickness. I feel so much for you, Zoe! You are a fantastic soul.

  12. I think that Zoe is a brave girl having to go through all that. I have learnt that CF is a genitic condition that affects your lungs and pancreas. It means she has to take lots of medication everyday and have lots of hospital visits when she gets an infection and for check ups. This also means she has to wear a mask when she goes to the hospital and wash her hands alot so she stays well. She also has to miss out on things like school camps and excutions. I hope there will one day be a cure.

    • I agree with Erin. Zoe is very brave going through this everyday. If I was Zoe I hope I would be treated the same as everyone else. A big challenge Zoe has to go through each day is taking all of the medicine. I definitely agree with Erin on this is, I hope one day the find I cure of CF.

      • I agree with both Isla and Erin. Zoe is indeed a very brave girl. When I first saw her, I thought that she was 10 or 11, not 13! It would be really tough to live with it and take all that medicine. I would hate to live with this illness, as I would miss out on lots of things and wouldn’t see my friends. Something I learnt was that over 3000 people have Cystic Fybrosis in Australia, and there is no cure. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to go to school each and every day.

      • I agree with Isla, Alyssa and Erin I think it would be such a struggle taking all of that medicine every day. I would personally not be able to cope with that amount of medicine. I really hope they find a cure one day as well.

  13. I think that it would be hard and a struggle to go through CF. Zoe is very VERY brave and so are all of the 3,000 other people that have it in Australia. I Feel very sorry for her because a little cold for us could be a big thing for her!

    • I agree with sienna but I also think that a challenge zoe faces daily is taking all of her medication and staying on top of her special needs and requirements. I think that she is very brave and I feel sorry for her because she has to miss out on experiences that all children should experience.

  14. The challenges Zoe faces daily? is all the medication and have to miss out on school,school camps and excursions.2.How Zoe show determination? she shows determination by keeping up hope that one day people are going to find a cure.3.I would feel really unhappy because you would have to take all that medication and miss out on stuff. 4. Something I learn about CF is that there’s a thing called cystic fibrosis and everything Zoe said.

  15. I think that it would be really hard to live with Cystic Fybrosis. I feel that Zoe is a beautiful, strong girl, who is determined. She is a great role model, because she teaches us not to give up, even if times are tough. I leant from this story, that 3,000 people have Cystic Fybrosis in Australia.

  16. This weeks btn report was very strong and powerful to most people like us who don’t have Cystic Fybrosis. It affects her everyday life because lots of mucus gets into Zoe’s lungs and her Pancreas doesn’t work well. There’s a lot of challenges with CF but the main ones are that she has to take A LOT OF MEDICATION, she has to sanitize her hands and go to hospital a lot while wearing a mask. She shows determination because she acts like she doesn’t have CF but really inside she’s probably sad and scared about CF. It would be hard to live with CF because it would be hard to breath and you would miss out on a lot of school, excursions and camps. Something I learnt about CF is that 3,000 people have it in Australia and I got more of a definition on what a pancreas is.

  17. I think I would feel Alone if I had CF because you have to takes heaps of medication and miss out on lots of school and sometimes even exursions and camps. You always have to be carefull of what you eat and that you don’t catch a virus or even a little cold because it could turn out very serios.

    • I agree with Amy I think Zoe shows determination by trying to be like us in as many ways as possible and I also think she shows by thinking ‘hey I’m me and this is the way I am and I have to cope with it’ and by accepting her own body.I also learnt that Cystic Fybrosis is a genetic disorder and that it effects her lungs.Zoe sure is very Brave!

  18. Having CF would be really hard. If you look at how much medication she has to take, if someone like me took all of that we are most likely to get sick. I couldn’t imagine missing out on school camps and excursion it ruins the whole fun of growing up and going to school. Having to be super carful would ruin the fun of life. Growing up is all about having fun being able to do so.

    • I agree with Georgia. It must be really hard for Zoe to miss out on fun things in her child hood. She is so brave to go to hospital and to take all her medication. She is also brave on the inside. I pray for the 3000 people that have CF and that they stay safe <3

  19. What inspiration Zoe is when suffering CF with a no cure illness. If I was Zoe I would find it so hard because you have to take a lot of medication daily and you would miss out on the fun activities at school, such as camp, excursions and much more. I feel so sorry for Zoe because her life is not a normal life, every kid should be able to live an amazing childhood.

  20. I totally agree with Erin because it must be tough for Zoe but she is still very brave even though she has this condition. I now know a lot about CF because I have never heard of it before. I feel sad for her having to take all that medication each day and I also hope people find a cure for CF.

  21. Wow! Zoe is one tough cookie! I don’t think it would be easy living with Cystic Fibrosis. Zoe had to take so many different medications and she has to be very careful because just a minor cold could be very serious. I really do feel very sorry for Zoe. She is just a young girl and CF is stopping her from going on school camps and excursions. I hope that one day there is a cure for CF.

  22. How lucky are we?? Imagine having this CF? How would you cope? How would you live a daily life? These are the questions that were running through my head when watching this video. We take for granted pleasures like food, camp and excursions. They way Zoe is dealing with CF is incredible, I know I could never do what Zoe does everyday. Keep fighting!

  23. CF it would be hard to control in the beginning but then you would be getting used to it. But the amount of medication she has to take DAILY is crazy though! But adding on that there’s no cure to this. It would kinda suck. This is a inspirational story on Zoe and what she goes through on a causal day for her.

  24. It would be horrible to have CF. You would face so many challenges daily. We are so lucky we don’t have CF. Over 3,000 people do and I think it’s important to try and help find a cure so all these people can live a normal life.

  25. It must be so hard to take that medication every day and to always keep positive when things are tough

  26. I feel for her that it would be scary a lot of the time and frustrating to take heaps of medicine each time you are to eat something.

  27. I think that it would be very hard for Zoe and that she is strongly determinant that one day there will be a cure and she is very very brave to not have a normal life, like not going on school camps and getting opportunities but she can’t do them and having to take loads of medication each day. That is why we should be grateful that we don’t have CF and other diseases and that we should think that 3000 people have CF and we are lucky that we don’t have it.

  28. It must suck having to take so much medication per day and yet Zoe is so optimistic. We should all learn from this and show empathy to those who suffer from a disability.

  29. I think that it would be impossible to live with that. I hate taking pills in general, but this much. Good on you for powering through this. I hope they find a cure soon.

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