Pizza & Holiday!

540109d1-c5a6-4f2f-8ff6-9df8a70bc0aaThank You, Sally, Keith and our parent helpers who assisted on the last day. What a great way to end term. Have a wonderful break everyone and do something nice for your parents. Enjoy your evening meal together and each day share as a family three things you are grateful for. 

School Holidays!!!

Are you exited aboutdownload the School Holidays?

Me and my sister are really looking forward to the Term 2 school holidays. Our cousins from Hong Kong are coming to visit us. What are you doing for the holidays? (Please comment down below) 

I hope that everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!! See everyone later in Term 3!!!


St Charles Choir Vist To Bupa

‘On Wednesday the choir went too Bupa to perform songs for the oldies.We all did very well and the oldies loved it the songs we sung were Amazing Grace,7 Years,St Charles School Song,Mamma Mia,and These Boots Were Made For Walking.We practiced very hard and we strongly agree that our effort truly payed off.We also want to thank Miss Hahn for using her time to teach us in our Choir.What song do you think the Choir should try next.Comment below’.

Term 3 is coming!


Congratulations to everyone for working hard and trying your best for term 2. I don’t know about you, but I personally think this term has gone really fast! What are you looking forward to on the holidays (or next term)? Comment below and share what excitements you have. It will be great to see your responses and I hope you had a fantastic semester!


Circus Skills

What is circus skills?

Circus skills is a fun, enjoyable and safe activity we did at our school. Every class contributed to the fun activities and we learnt various tricks such as awesome human towers and stands, based on our year level and skills to make enjoyable,easy and a great challenge to do. Thanks to our circus skill teachers, they helped us all the way to make a mesmerizing and amazing concert on Thursday 9th of June, where everyone got to show off their amazing skills and everyone enjoyed that wonderful night.

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All the 5/6’s worked in a group to present about 5 different religions which are 1.Catholicism, 2.Islam, 3. Hinduism, 4. Buddhism, 5. Judaism, they all did very well on all of their presentations all the 5/6 level learnt a lot about all the different religions so we all learnt more about all those religions. Some people presented in different ways like news reports and  slide shows all of 5/6’s worked really hard on their presentations. All of them were reIMG_6580ally impressive.


In 3/4 we have been reading and writing poems. One of our favourites is by Roald Dahl, The Dentist and the Crocodile.

We have been busy learning about poetic techniques; 

Similes, Alliteration, OnomatopoeiaRhyme, Repetition and Imagery.

We have written our own poems and we had our own recital in our library. 

We illustrated our poems using collage techniques. 

IMG_1381IMG_1379 IMG_1380 Listen to some of our creative poets reciting their poems.  What poetic techniques can you recognise in their work! hope you enjoy them! 


Selecting our home reading books

Selecting our home reading books

It has been great to see the children independently selecting books and sharing their reading in class, not only from our home reading book boxes but also from our well stocked library during the term.

Over the holidays hopefully you will include a visit to the local Library or just cuddle up with a book or two from your home library.


Breathing Buddies

The 1/2 year level have gotten their creative minds working and have made their own breathing buddies for mindfulness time.  1/2J use our buddies to help us with our deep breathing and improve our concentration level. We love our breathing buddies!! 

IMG_7979 (1)       IMG_7978 (1)      IMG_7977 (1)

IMG_7797     IMG_7796    IMG_7791

Sports day on Friday!!!



Don’t forget that on Friday we will be having a sport day. Here are some ideas of what you could wear… Footy or soccer colours , dress up in a team jersey or you could wear a uniform from your out of school sports team.

Don’t forget that these are just some things you could wear. You can wear whatever you like as long as it is sporty!

5/6’s Inquiry presentations

This week, the 5/6’s have been presenting their Inquiry projects. They had to interview someone who was born in another country and migrated to Australia. I chose my Dad, who was born in Italy and migrated to Australia when he was five years old. Using the information we collected, we were then asked to write a diary entry from that persons perspective. We also had to collect some items which belonged to the person, and share them with the class. Everyone’s presentations were very interesting, and we all enjoyed them. Here are two items which I shared with the class.  The picture on the left is my Dad in his home town, Cascina, Pisa (at the age of two), and the picture on the right is his birth certificate.
IMG_5135                   IMG_5136


Aboriginal Art

aboriginalsssssIn the 5/6 level, we have been working on Aboriginal Art. We started by using paints to do our background, and then we used some special paper with aboriginal patterns. In our art, it has to tell a story. With the paper we made certain symbols, like a man, a woman, a campsite and many more. Do you think that you could make a story with the Aboriginal symbols?

It’s All Greek To Us!

Yasou, today we pretended we went to Greece!  

We learnt a bit about Ancient Greece and Modern Greece. We looked at some photos and thought it would be amazing if we all could go on holiday to Santorini and eat Souvlakis on the beach!

We had a go at the Zorba, what do you think of our dancing?

Also, here is a picture of some of the different things we made from both Ancient and Modern Greece.


1/2 s love ICT

In 1/ 2 we have ICT each week with Mr Cotela. We have learnt so many new things. One of our favourite things to do is Speedy typing. In Speedy typing we learn how to type better and faster! Our record so far for the fastest typer is Piper . She can type all the letters on Speedy in 24 seconds.

She’s a whizz.


Doncare Food Drive

We did it. 1,600 food items were collected by the families of St. Charles to fill the food pantry at Doncare. These food items will go to those in Manningham who are struggling to feed their families.

The C.E.O. of Doncare, Doreen Stoves wrote:

“A huge thank you to the staff, families and children of the St Charles Borromeo community who have taken part in the winter food drive for Doncare over the past few weeks.  Such generosity shown from a school that is small in size and numbers is truly amazing.  It is heart-warming to see the children so proudly giving food and thinking of others who are less fortunate.  Special thanks to the senior students who helped Doncare staff carry the donated food into our overloaded vehicles. Such a large amount and variety of non-perishable food items will support a significant number of local families experiencing financial hardship during the colder months as they struggle to stay warm and their utility bills also rise.  Thank you all once again for your continued generosity and support of the disadvantaged in the Manningham community through Doncare.”

Mr. Thomas will organise a day early next term to cook our bar b q to celebrate this amazing for doncare

Thank you Dr. Sarah!

Yesterday in 5/6I we had a very special guest come in for Isla and I’s genius hour presentation on Vets! Dr. Sarah came in and talked to the class about what it’s like being a Vet and why she became a Vet. She showed us some photos and X-rays of animals who have been patients at Vets on Parker. Here are some photos of our presentation with Dr. Sarah:

IMG_6574 IMG_6573 IMG_6572 IMG_6571

Our visitors

One-world-many-stories-globeIf you haven’t noticed we have had a lot of visitors to our blog from all over the world.

Here are some of the places…

Caroline Springs,Victoria,Australia

Pearl city,Hawaii,United States

Perth,Western Australia,Australia

Doha, Baldiyat,Qatar 

Apologies if I haven’t mentioned all places but feel free to type up where you come from if you are one of our special visitors from a different place in either Australia or another country!!!!