Girls Footy today!

Today, some girls will be playing girl’s footy against other schools.Congratulations to all the girls giving it a shot. We will try our best, but what’s most important is to have fun! The girls on the team are Amy (5/6C), Alyssa (5/6C) Bianca (3/4) Anja (5/6H) Lani (5/6I), Catherine (5/6C), Georgia (5/6I), Holly (5/6I) Indi (5/6H), Imogen (5/6I), Isla (5/6I) Jemma (5/6C), Jess (5/6I), Lanah (5/6I), Steph (5/6I), Olivia (3/4)


6 thoughts on “Girls Footy today!

  1. Did you know some boys in Prep M said, “Girls can’t play footy!” Other kids said, “Yes, they can!”

    We had a big talk about how girls can do anything they want! So can boys!

    Good luck in the match girls. We hope you win!

    Dane wants you to sing the Collingwood theme song if you win!

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