Animal Testing- BTN Home Learning

The Australian Government has announced that testing cosmetic products on animals will be made illegal in Australia.

Reflect on the following questions when you respond to this story…

  • What were the main points or questions raised in the story? 
  • Why are animals used to test products? 
  • Do you think that people’s attitudes towards animal testing has changed over the years? Why? 
  • How do you feel about animal testing?

40 thoughts on “Animal Testing- BTN Home Learning

  1. I feel that animal testing is an absolutely horrible thing to do to such innocent creatures. Thankfully, the government has decided it will be officially ilegal in Australia by early July. It is about time they should stop and think to what people are doing, for the resolution is very powerful.

    • I agree with Angie. You wouldn’t like it if you were a poor little animal minding you own business when all of a sudden someone grabs you and tested something on you and you die from it! I’m glad its going to be illegal.

    • I agree with Angie that it is a horrible thing to do and that they should be using products that are already known to be safe. I feel that it’s great that the government has made it illegal.

    • I agree with Angie, I think it is really cruel how people are testing cosmetic things on animals. What did the animals do in the first place to make people test things that might be dangerous to them? It is a great thing that the government is banning cosmetic items being tested on animals before they are put in shops. I strongly think this is a great decision from the government and I don’t think they will regret this choice.

    • I agree with Angie because it is a really horrible thing to do and it is unfair to the cute and innocent creatures.

    • I agree with you Angie because it is a horrible thing to do an animal and it so great that it is going to be officialy illegal.

  2. I think that testing things on animal was bad and I’m glad it is going to stop. All of the animal should not be kept in a cage and should not been given neddies they should be a normal animal that lives in the wild.

  3. As i heared that the animal testing was banned i was so happy to hear that.
    Why you may ask is because animal testing could cause deasises that could spread to humans as well.
    People do experiments on animals to check if the product that they are selling is perfect and is not expired.
    As this video above says that even though animal testing as been banned in Australia that doesnt mean it has been banned in other countries.
    I think it should be banned to matter what country it is.
    Image how it would be like if you were been experiment on.😭

  4. ‘I think one of the main statements is that 80% of the world allows animal testing.I also learned that in China they have to test there cosmetics on animals in order to get them on the shelves.Some animals that are used are Rats,Mice,Dogs,Cats animals are tested because people want to be safe and make sure that nothing that goes on the shelves is dangerous.I have noticed that these days there are not many products I see that are tested on animals at all I believe this is because there were not many alternatives and discoveries like there are today.I think it is ridiculous how there are many alternatives to make sure things are safe to use and people decide to put animals in test tubes.I think it is beyond wrong’.

  5. I think it’s great how both parties are taking this issue into hand. Why do we test on animals when we can test on other things?

  6. I think it’s great that the government has realised that testing animals is a terrible thing to do because animals have a right to live, how would you feel if you were getting tested on? Why would someone want to want to test on animals in first place there are many other ways to test out products.☺ 🙂

  7. Poor Animals!!!!!! I found it very unusual how make-up is made up of things like animals. But hey it’s illegal soon, in July, the new year!! I can’t beleive that around $250,000,000 has been spent on make-up.

    To me the main points and questions were…

    -To make it clear that it wasen’t the right thing to do and to let us know it will be banned!!
    -How unfortunate animals are

    I also found out that animals are used to test products because….

    -Back then that was probably the only solution and was probably the easiest, and it was mainly the only one they could be sure that would work, but that was the past and now we are very good with what we invent in Australia that we surely should have come up with something new by now. Don’t you think?

    I think that people’s attitude towards animal testing hasen’t changed at all because…..

    -People are still buying make-up and it’s as if no one cares! People just say it’s an animal. But it can really effect our food chain and can have a great impact on our other animals which eat that animal that is used to help create make-up.

    The way I feel about this is shocked at how cruel people are towards our animals I am so happy that it will soon be banned forever!!!!

  8. It’s great how Australia is doing this. It’s animal cruelty to be testing beauty products on animals and it’s just not right. It’s great how our government cares about these things and wants to make a change about it.

    • I agree with Hayden. Animals don’t deserve this and it’s great Australia is making a change. I hope the other countries follow in our footsteps. It’s great to see people become alert of animal cruelty now. The animals are innocent and defenceless, so let’s put a stop to animal testing once and for all!

  9. I think that animal testing is a terrible thing. I feel bad for all those animals who have had to be tested on, seeing as they can’t defend themselves. I believe people agree with me, that’s why I think everyone is changing their perspectives. I think that the Australian Government is doing a good thing by banning it. Hopefully, countries who still allow it ban it soon and the countries who say it’s compulsory to test products on animals like China at least start by saying it is not compulsory to test on animals anymore then hopefully animal testing will be be banned all around the world.

  10. I feel that animal testing is horrid because, animals are just like us, they have lives to live just like us. Its not fair to be treating animals like this. Imagine that their is a spieces larger and smarter than us. How would you feel?

  11. I absolutely think it should be banned because it’s not fair that their getting hurt for our benefit.

  12. Why are animals used to test products? I think there been used to test products because people don’t want other people to be harmed or badly injured because of an product so they just use animals. Do you think peoples attitudes have changed through out the years? I’m honestly not sure if they have but I’m pretty sure they have if they used to do it but now they don’t.
    How do you feel about animal testing?I say it’s the worst thing that can ever happen to an animal there just like us imagine if you were them it’s horrible.

  13. Personally I think they should just let animals go, why let them suffer if we’re probably not going to buy their product anyway. There have been many protests about it and the people who do the tests are too blind to see whats going on

  14. These poor animals have done nothing wrong and are innocent but can’t help being experimented on. I’m so glad that next year animal experiments will be banned for good. These experiment can be harmful to animals and could badly injure these precious creatures.

  15. I feel that animal testing is bad and you shouldn’t touch these innocent animals. I can’t believe that people spend $250,000,000,000 billion dollars on beauty products each year and I think that people should start to except their own skin and what they look like. I think that the alternatives are really good especially the one where we know that the ingredients are safe are we can put them on our skin. I think that banning animal testing by July next year is good, because we really need to put ourselves’s shoes in what it feels like for animals and how their getting unknown liquids and creams into their skin and eyes. I really think that China should follow in on what were doing and stop animal testing because it’s still a really big problem around the world.

  16. I think it is really bad because animals are just like humans and i do not think that we would like it very much so put your feet into there shoes

  17. Honestly why couldn’t they just test it on us humans. There putting a whole species in danger. I am quiet happy that its now going to be against the law in our country. They should change it in other countries too. But who would want to hurt/test on a animal just for a product…

    • I agree with Nicola. It’s not fair that animals have to be tested on. Animals don’t deserve this sort of suffering. Like what Nicola said. It’s just a product. I am glad that it will soon be against the law in Australia. Like they said in the BTN video. We can just test the makeup products on artificial body parts and donated tissue samples. This BTN story made me sad because animals have to go through this pain but it also made me happy because it will soon be against the law.

  18. It’s absolutely terrible that people think it’s ok to do this to animals. Testing products on animals is animal cruelty. I am so glad they have decided to band it here in Australia. I think when they began to test beauty products on animals the society thought it is ok to do this, but when animal population started to drop people realized the cause of it was animal testing.

  19. I strongly don’t think that animals should be tested on. This is because animals are at risk of death. We wouldn’t like to be tested on so why do we test animals.

  20. I am so happy that animals are finally starting to get the same amount of respect and rights as humans!! These poor creatures have done nothing wrong! I am so happy that the government has taken another look to this issue. Any animal or insect, great and small all deserve the same rights.

  21. I personally think, that this is a really good decision.I think that it was horrible that animal testing was even a thing. I wouldn’t want things poked in my eye and have my skin burn! Would you! I learnt that about $250,000,000,000 is spent on makeup and beauty products a year. It’s ridiculous! Why are we spending money on things that we don’t need, when there are people out there in with NO money. Also, I learnt that there are many other ways to test beauty products. For example, getting tissue samples that people have donated, testing on artificial body parts and skin or just using safe ingredients. This just proves that we can ask the question: why are we putting animals lives in danger, when they could be saved? In the future, I really hope that there is no such thing as animal testing!

  22. I think it’s great that the Government has decided to ban animal testing in July 2017 so that all animals have the freedom to live their life and not worry about getting burnt, injected or hurt in any other way. I think NO animals deserve to get tested on when really their not the ones wearing the make up, are they?

  23. I’m so happy this will finally end! It would make me feel sad and horrified to be locked up in a cage. Why can’t they test on something that won’t feel pain. Australia is making the right decision! Think to yourself, how would you feel locked up in a cage?

  24. I think that it’s really good that Australia will ban animal testing because it is animal cruelty. So many animals are in risk of becoming injured and killed. If humans are the ones using cosmetics and skincare, then why aren’t those products being tested on humans? I think that animal testing is very cruel and I’m very glad that they will be stopping it next year in 2017.

  25. I’m so happy that animal testing will come to an end! How would we like if we were tested on put in a cage and maybe even die?

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