Choir Festival


On Friday the 17th of June the St Charles choir attended a choir festival held at St Kevin’s. Our school choir sang 7 years old and Amazing Grace. The judges loved it and said that we sang beautifully. After everyone finished their songs we all got taught some vocal warm ups. Overall we had a fantastic time and had great fun! 

9 thoughts on “Choir Festival

  1. Hope we have another choir festival.
    It’s so fun and if you think you would like to join i don’t think Mrs Hahn will mind.

  2. You were all so wonderful :)! Congratulations to all of you :). I definitely hope that we can be part of things like this again.

  3. I had a great time in the choir festival but my favourite part was learning the singing in the rain warm up it was really funny and it all made us laugh😜

  4. Hi my name is Cora. I am from the U.S.A. Well done with the choir festival 🙂

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