Today in Italian the 1/2s had a lot of fun making MINESTRONE.

The vegetables we used were carote, patate, zucchini, cavolo, sedano, cipolle, fagioli and pomodori.

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In the afternoon we ate the minestrone. Lots of children came back for seconds. Che buono!

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Exciting times

School-Bus-ClipartHello everyone are you feeling excited?

Well you are in luck. In the comment box bellow tell me what makes you excited and why.

Some things you could write about are winning a soccer game, seeing a musical, filling up your bee chart or having your birthday! I can’t wait to read what you write!

Happy commenting!!!

Choir Festival


On Friday the 17th of June the St Charles choir attended a choir festival held at St Kevin’s. Our school choir sang 7 years old and Amazing Grace. The judges loved it and said that we sang beautifully. After everyone finished their songs we all got taught some vocal warm ups. Overall we had a fantastic time and had great fun! 

Our Family Story

We loved hearing and learning about our family’s history this term through our InquiRE unit. Students worked hard to research and present interesting and detailed projects about their family’s heritage and how and why they came to call Australia home. Well done 1/2!!

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Environmental Matters

Each month the parish is promoting ways we can be more gentle on the environment, at home. This month the focus is on the laundry, the students from both parish school’s came together to make laundry power that is gentle on the environment. Parishioners can buy a bag for $5, if you want to make your own please find the recipe below. 

1 cup of Lectric Soda

½ cup of Bi-carbonate of Soda

1 grated bar of Velvet laundry soap

 Mix well and store in a plastic container with a teaspoon. Shake well before use.Use 3 teaspoons per average wash.

NB  Not recommended for woolens or silks.


Bounce Back in 5/6H

maxresdefaultIn the past few weeks 5/6H have been doing bounce back. Bounce back is a great way to reflect on our feelings. In bounce back we are learning about optimism and pessimism,and how being optimistic makes you feel happy about a situation that might not be that bad. Optimism: “Oh no I cut my leg! it won’t be that bad all I need is a band-aid”. Pessimism: “Ahh I cut my leg I won’t be able to walk for a week someone help me!!”


Caritas guest speaker

IMG_6518Today the 3/4’s and 5/6’s had an assembly with Marg who is from Caritas. She talked to us about where our money from the food stalls, education and activity groups go towards.

And we have some exciting news! All together we raised $1,800 dollars. This is a huge achievement and we should all be proud of ourselves! It was really interesting to learn about stories from Caritas and how it has been going for 50 years!

It was an interesting talk and I hope Marg can come back again soon! 


SRC News

SRC News!
Thank you to everyone who helped make our Doncare food collection so successful. The great news is that we have exceeded our school goal with over 1600 items! WELL DONE EVERYONE!  It is great that we can help out people in our local community. 
Next Friday 24th June (last day of school) will be a themed free dress day. Our theme will be SPORTS. There will be a sport buddy activity on the day. Come to school in any sport clothes, here are some ideas of how you can come dressed; 
  • Footy colours/ footy player
  • Soccer team/ soccer player
  • Gymnast 
  • Netballer
  • Basketballer 
Please bring a gold coin donation for our annual Christmas appeal if you are coming dressed in your sports clothes. 

Choir participation in the Freedom Choir Festival at St Kevin’s on Friday the 17th June

choir 2Well choir have been working extremely hard this term and in addition to our performance at Bupa earlier this term we have another Bupa performance coming up next week. More exciting than that though is the fact that we are participating in the Freedom Choir Festival at St Kevin’s on Friday the 17th of June. The girls should be extremely proud of their dedication and effort and we are all very much looking forward to tomorrow’s event :)!

Animal Testing- BTN Home Learning

The Australian Government has announced that testing cosmetic products on animals will be made illegal in Australia.

Reflect on the following questions when you respond to this story…

  • What were the main points or questions raised in the story? 
  • Why are animals used to test products? 
  • Do you think that people’s attitudes towards animal testing has changed over the years? Why? 
  • How do you feel about animal testing?

Who is Bob Graham?

bus called heavenOur Library has a great collection of books. Have you read any books by the well known Australian author and illustrator Bob Graham? One of Bob’s books is titled..”A bus called HEAVEN”
This moving picture book offers readers a powerful message about hope, acceptance and belonging.

Can you find this book or any other books by Bob Graham in our Library?

You might like to read one of his books and write a review for the blog.

Principal of the day!

Unknown-1Well done to everyone that made it into Principal of the Day. Whether you made it onto the panel or if you got short-listed for an interview with Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Camilleri.

Congratulation to the following:


Panel: Aaliyah (5/6I)Nicole (5/6I),  Mia(5/6I)Evelyn (5/6H) and Hayden (5/6C).

Short-listed for Principal of the day: Lanah (5/6I)Callum (5/6I)Stephanie (5/6I)Nicola (5/6H)Sarina (5/6C), Catherine (5/6C).

Well done to everyone who submitted an application or a question.

Spelling Groups

There are three spelling groups taken by Mrs Ibrahim, Mrs Anderson and Miss Hahn. In spelling groups we have been learning about homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. For example, knight/night – The knight will fight the unicorn and it is night time footy at the G.