Girls footy!

Congratulations to all of the girls who went to girls footy yesterday at Reischiecks Reserve! You guys did amazing and played so well.  Also a big thank you to Daniel K (5/6I), Kayden (5/6C), Zac (5/6H), Jake (5/6I), Miss Hahn and Mr Puls for supporting the girls the whole day! Without you guys we wouldn’t have been able to do it. Here are some student reflections from some girls who played footy yesterday:

Isla –  I really enjoyed interacting with girls from other schools and I definitely want to do it again next year!

Imogen – I loved the opportunity we had to compete with other schools and It was really fun and we all had a great day.



Doncare Collection

A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Doncare item collection this term. Next week we are asking you to bring in some spreads such as; vegemite, jam etc. However, any items would be welcomed in the last week. 

We have one week to go and already have 1,432 items! This is an AMAZING effort. We have 68 more items until we have reached our target of 1500 items…WE CAN DO IT!!! If we reach our target, Mr Thomas is going to be cooking the whole school a barbeque. 

Thank you again for supporting our local community.

Together we have made a difference. 

Thank-You-Quotes-056 Bbq-clipart-border-free-clipart-images-3



We have been learning about angles.  Engineers use many angles in their drawings and designs to make them different, safe and interesting. We designed many buildings. How many angles can you find in our buildings? 


Which Buildings would you like in your backyard? Click onto the picture and view our slide show.

Look at whats happening in the library !

Photo on 6-9-16 at 11.52 AMPhoto on 6-9-16 at 11.51 AM

Our kind friend Anja (5/6H) has kindly gifted us these amazing book ends.She did an amazing job, and we are now displaying these on the library shelves. Thank-You so much Anja.

Also in the library we have released the suggestion box! The suggestion box helps us to see what books people would like to see in the library.I recommend that if there is a book that you enjoyed, and you think that others would also enjoy it, then please put it in a suggestion box. Remember every vote counts!


Girls Footy today!

Today, some girls will be playing girl’s footy against other schools.Congratulations to all the girls giving it a shot. We will try our best, but what’s most important is to have fun! The girls on the team are Amy (5/6C), Alyssa (5/6C) Bianca (3/4) Anja (5/6H) Lani (5/6I), Catherine (5/6C), Georgia (5/6I), Holly (5/6I) Indi (5/6H), Imogen (5/6I), Isla (5/6I) Jemma (5/6C), Jess (5/6I), Lanah (5/6I), Steph (5/6I), Olivia (3/4)




The 5/6s have enjoyed learning about Pasta this term.

We even did some ‘Pasta Arte’.

image image

These collages were made with spaghetti, penne, conchighlie, fusilli, ditalini, farfalle, fettuccine, lasagne, chifferi and maccheroni.  



Kids should eat recess 10 mins before the bell!

events_recess_03_grid_3I think kids should eat their recess 10 mins before the bell. Why you ask? Well kids are having to take their recess outside, which is causing us to waste our recess eating instead of getting exercise. It’s easier for the kids who have wrappers. But the kids who don’t are stuck. We are a nude food school aren’t we? What do you think? Comment down in the comment section.


The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost.

Jesus made a promise to the disciples to help them after he had died. 50 days after Jesus’ death he sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples. The Holy Spirit gave the disciples many Gifts such as; love, gentleness, joy,compassion. We made a dove and chose some of the Gifts of the spirit to hang from them.

What gift of the Holy Spirit do you see in other people?


Inquiry Interviews

Image result for different cultures of the worldOur topic for Inquiry this term is ‘One Nation Many People’. This term in Inquiry the 5\6s have been looking at migration from a different country. Earlier in the term Kate Wilde came in to talk to us about refugees ,asylum seekers and immigrants. From then we have now been working on our own presentation to share to the class. We had to interview a person that had come to Australia from a different country. 

Division Cross Country

Yesterday, my family and I went to the Yarra Glen Racecourse, where I competed in the 3km Division Cross Country event. I was feeling very nervous. There were 60 kids competing with me. I had a great start and managed to keep up with the leaders. At half way (up the hill) I took the lead and maintained the lead to the very end of the race. I felt VERY tired and SUPER happy. I will be competing in the Regional Cross Country next Tuesday._MG_1491IMG_4049

1 month in Japan

IMG_4991From the 25 of April to the 25 of May, I got to experience the Japanese culture with my sister Kana (3/4KC). From the moment I heard we might just go to Japan, I was nervous, nervous of earthquakes. I had no interest in travelling there but really there was only one quake while we were there, but I didn’t feel it as I was sound asleep. Japan has a great culture. My best Highlights were going to Universal StudiosFukui and Gifu. At Universal Studios Kana and I most enjoyed the Harry Potter Part, we are HUGE fans. They made it so realistic. We enjoyed the Jurassic Park ride where you go into a small raft bout and float around in the river, you think all is calm when a dinosaur comes out of nowhere and frightens you. You go down a big drop and get very wet. Our faces in the picture are so funny:) My favourite thing to eat would have to be Curry. It was so tasy, or though my sister decided to only eat karage (fried chicken). Overall Japan was an excellent place to visit, I would recommend it to everyone and rate it five stars. If you have any questions, please comment them and I will try to reply.




In the 5/6 level we have been learning about asylum seekers. We watched a video ‘Oh Canada’ by Missy Higgins to put ourselves in an asylum seekers shoes. We had a deep discussion and decided we wanted to help these poor people. On Friday the 10th the 5/6 level will be holding an ASYLUM SEEKER ART SHOW. It will showcase our responses about this issue in art work. We would all love for you to come along!! Sessions will be at 2:30 and 3:30. If you would like to come we just ask that you please bring a gold coin donation and some warm items of new clothing eg: gloves, jumpers, socks, scarves or blankets. All donations will go to the A.S.RC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre). We look forward to seeing you there!!

 IMGP0050 IMGP0049  

The 5/6 Excursion to the National Gallery

Last Friday the  3rd of June all of the  5/6’s went to the National Gallery of Victoria Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria International. It was great fun learning.Here are a few student reflections –

My favorite part was looking at all the paintings- Jake

My favorite part was seeing all the amazing pieces of art- Angie

My favorite part was looking at  the glass deer-Holly

My favorite part was looking at the bowls in the water making different meditation sounds-Imogen

IMG_6300 IMG_0285

Girls Football Team

IMG_6366On the 9th of June the Girls football team

is travelling to the Rieschiecks Reserve with Mr Puls. There have been 5 boys training them; Daniel, Kayden, Zac, Isaac and Jake. The girls participating are, Lani, Lanah, Holly, Georgia, Francesca, Jemma, Amy, Catherine, Imogen, Jessica, Indi, Mia, Isla, Alyssa, Bianca (¾) and Olivia (¾). It’s great to have a girls football we wish them good luck. 


June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following people;

Juliet (Prep L), Dhevin (Prep M), Jack (Prep M), Zarlia (Prep M), Estelle (1/2 J), Claudia (1/2 C),

Felicity (1/2 C), Luke (1/2 C), Harlan (3/4 KC), Lucas (3/4 KC), David ( 3/4 G), Chloe (3/4 S),

Massimo (3/4 KC), Caitlin (3/4 S), Jack (3/4 S), Alyssa (5/6 C), Portia (5/6 I), Holly (5/6 I), Amy (5/6 I),

Catherine (5/6 C), Angie (5/6 I)!

Happy Birthday Desktop Background

The Karate kid


Sofia M. loves to do martial arts. She has been doing Karate for years. As you progress in Karate, you do gradings. You are awarded stripes on your belt and then different coloured belts.

IMG_5441 (2)

Sofia M. loves her sport and I hope she keeps going until she is a black belt.

Grade 6 InquiRE

This term the year 5’s and 6’s have been exploring different religions and how they different and similar to Christianity the religions we are exploring are: Christianity (different forms of Christianity), Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

We are having lots of fun learning about other religions and it is very interesting. One fact that intrigued me was that in Buddhism they do not worship a God but they believe in the Buddha who founded Buddhism.