NCAB Conference Day 2

Aaron, Alyssa, Imogen and Michael did an outstanding job being part of the youth panel at the NCAB 2016 conference today. To be in front of a room full of adults and answer the questions put to them was an amazing experience to be part of. I was so very proud of all our students (Emi, Daniel, Francesca and Zac on Thursday and Aaron, Alyssa, Imogen and Michael on Friday) who participated in this conference and the feedback from those in attendance of our eight students was amazing to hear.

Huge thanks to the parents ( Sharon Brearley Roberts, Debbie Di Luzio, Brigid Moran, Tiffany Do, Mathew and Danni Staley) who gave up their day to drive the children in and out of the conference and who looked after the students in their care. I know they were all very proud of these young people.

NCAB youth panel our kids NCAB youth panel

Literature circles

This term we have started Literature Circles. Literature Circles is where you choose a book and report back to your group. My group chose the book, “With my knife”.

On Fridays, we report back with a task. The tasks include; Connector, Summariser, Vocabulary Enricher, Travel Tracer, Discussion Director and Illustrator.

Julian, Thomas and David are in my group and this is the book we are reading:



il_214x170.971853132_nfhaIn writing, the 5/6’s made stress balls and we all did pretty well.

They were fun and easy to make. All you have to use is a funnel, rice or flour, 5 or 4 balloons. We made these stress balls from a procedural text. It was easy to follow.

We were all happy with how our stress balls turned out.

Tens Facts

The preps are busy learning about all the different ways to make 10. We want to learn our TENS FACTS  to help us add numbers quickly. 

We made ‘Rainbows to Ten’.               We used Arithmetic Racks.       

IMG_0344                    IMG_0335

 We played Memory and Go Fish  using tens facts.


We played Alien Pairs on the IWB to help us with our tens facts. 

Click here to test your skills!

We love tens facts!

National Centre against Bullying (NCAB) conference 2016

Mrs Ibrahim, Mrs Copsey, Emi, Francesca, Daniel and Zac presented today at the NCAB conference about our School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program. They were outstanding and so well received by their audience. Delegates at the conference were still talking about their presentation at the end of the day.

Thank you to Emi’s Mum, Sharon, and Francesca’s Mum, Debbie, who drove the students to and from the conference.

I was so very proud to hear their wonderful presentation.

NCAB conference 2016 kids

What do you know about the Sun, Moon, Earth System?

In 3/4 we  learning about our amazing universe. these past two weeks we have investigated the Sun, Moon, Earth System. We have made working models of the system where the Earth spins and orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbiting the Earth. 

Paige: The Earth is 100 times smaller than the Sun.

Lucas: The Moon orbits around the Earth, The Earth orbits around the Sun. it takes the Earth a year to orbit around the sun.

Alessia P: the Earth is four times larger than the Sun.

Stephanie: The Earth spins around the sun, while the Moon rotates around the Earth.

Here are some of our working models of the Sun, Moon, Earth System.  What do you know about this important System? Let us know! 

How High?

In 5/6 we have been developing our problem solving skills by using a variety of strategies. It is a time of great excitement and real buzz when students realise they can solve what initially seemed impossible.

Today the class helped to write the success criteria to guide us in achieving our learning intention.

photo 1

Can you solve today’s problem?

How high would a pile of paper be if there were 1 million sheets of paper in the pile?

How would you tackle the problem?

photo 3 photo 1 copy

Netballers made us proud

netball Last Friday netballers from St. Charles represented our school against St. Clements in Bulleen.

Our team had gone through district level undefeated. We knew that they would be a tough team but we gave it our best.

Unfortunately, we lost. Ms. Hahn, Mr. Thomas, Rebecca and I were very impressed with the way our players never gave up. In fact, we scored more goals towards the end of the game than at the start.

The referee from St. Clements was a grade 6 teacher and a former student of St Charles. Her name was Elise. Her mum, Jenny, had moved to live at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. When Elise told Jenny that St. Clements was playing St. Charles in netball – Jenny drove up to watch! Jenny’s two daughters and son went to St. Charles many years ago. She had such fond memories that she wanted to drive up to say hi.

The players showed they were great sports and wished St. Clements good luck in their next game.

I was very proud of Lani, Imogen, Amy, Georgia, Indi, Nicole, Francesca and Evelyn.

Prep Carnival Masks

The Preps have been busy making masks like those worn at the festival of Carnival in Brazil. It is held every year in different parts of the country but the most well known parade is in Rio, where the Olympics are being held in August. Sequins, feathers and squares were used to decorate the masks these Preps are wearing. We hope we see some more colourful masks at the Opening Ceremony.

IMG_3352 IMG_3355 IMG_3359 IMG_3363

Look Who We Found!!

Last week, the 1/2’s watched a short clip about the voluntary organisation All Hands as part of their Values lesson. All Hands is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 2005 after the Sumatran tsunami that claimed the lives of approximately 230,000 people. Since 2005, All Hands has helped many disaster stricken communities including New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. At the end of the clip, a familiar face appeared on the screen and it was heart warming to hear children calling out, ‘It’s Miss Stubbings!!!’, ‘Look! Miss Stubbings!’ We are so proud of our dear friend Miss Stubbings who has been working with All Hands for the past few months. A huge thumbs up from St Charles!!!


1/2 Learn More About Baptism

This term, we are learning more about the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Today the 1/2 level walked across to Holy Cross Church to meet Fr Brian Traynor who taught an engaging and informative lesson about the sacrament of Baptism and what the symbols of the sacrament mean. Fr Brian had children play the part of parents and child within a Baptism ceremony and explained the relevance of the stole, candle, gown, water and oils. It was a lovely excursion that enabled children to return to school and reteach their classmates new learnings and understandings.

20160726_121818 20160726_115837

20160726_123607 20160726_123541


Girls footy is back and better than ever!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.42.10 PMDivision – Here we come!

As some you may know the 4/5/6s played girls football last term, we played 3 teams and we had a lot of fun. It was such a great day.

We were limited with only 18 players that volunteered. We had no subs and no breaks. As we are such a small school I found it hard to find people to be in the team. But  I was determined to make this team and with help from my friends, we made it happen!

Last week, when we found out that we made it to Division. I went to talk to the 5/6 level to see who was interested and I wasn’t expecting  many hands, but we got 32 girls that wanted to play! I was so shocked and happy with how many girls raised their hands.

With the help of Kayden, Jake, Lanah, Georgia, and Mr Puls we were able to make the best team possible to send to Division. These teams will be announced tomorrow. 


Run Melbourne

Run Melbourne

On the 24th of July, my family and I are doing the Run Melbourne. Run Melbourne is a  big run to raise money for the homeless. Everyone who enrolled had a choice to do a kids 3 km run, 5 km run or 10 km run. We are doing the 5 km run. Please donate by clicking here.

20160718_193529 20160720_174604

Christian (3/4S) is a regular at Tuesday Lunch Programmers Club. He has been making great strides in computer coding. “Into the Bowl” is his first attempt at developing a game. It is a work in progress, but what do you think?

Special Buddy Time!

Buddy Times are special! Grade 3/4KC love sharing and working together with their buddy in 1/2J!

This week we shared ‘Our Favourite Things’ that we like and have in common. Some of these were the foods we like, colours, clothes, stories, hair or eye colours and many more.


Here are some comments 3/4’s would like to share about their buddy activity:-

We had a great time learning what our Buddy like and what we have in common. – Hannah

It was lots of fun drawing pictures, reading together and sharing work. – Hudson

It was exciting to see each other after the holidays and we had a lovely time. – Olivia M

It was great to know what we and our buddy like and have in common. – Reyhan

I had a great time enjoying and learning some of the differences between ourselves. – Lucus F

We all like having time with our buddies and sharing things we like. – Elyssia

5/6I Class Mass

Today our class mass was held in the Library. The theme for our mass was ‘Friendship’. It was wonderful to have Father Gerry, 5/6C, 5/6H as well as teachers and special visitors celebrate mass with us. 

Below is the First Reading from Mass today… 

A Reading from the book of Sirach

Anyone can say they’re a good friend, but sometimes their actions say something different. Some people are only your friend when things are going well, but then they will turn against you when times get tough. A real friend will always be there to help you when you need it. Don’t forget who those special people are and be sure to be just a good friend to them in times of need too!

What do you think is the friendship message from this reading? 

IMG_4323 IMG_4324 (1)

3/4 Science Incursion

Why does the sun’s gravity not pull the Earth into it?

Watch George demonstrate:

It is because the Earth spins at the right speed. 

(Below) Alexander, Lewis, Ava and Chloe looking at how the sun causes night and day on Earth.



(Below) Paige and Stephanie looking at how the Earth’s tilt gives us our four seasons. 


Student for a Day

While Lanah was busy running the school, I had an incredible day playing out the life of a student. I would like to thank the teachers who made sure I wasn’t disrupting others and the students who let me play soccer at recess and netball at lunch time. I was ready for a nap after school, fortunately I stayed awake during the staff meeting! 

The day gave me an amazing insight into the life of our students and it was great to see the students interact first hand. As part of our Mindfulness training we were encouraged to acknowledge three things each day we are truly grateful for, yesterday my top three were: 

1- Pasta making in Italian 

2- Art and using visual diaries 

3- Literature circles within a small teacher group. 


Making Pasta!

Today in Italian, the 5/6 level learned how to make pasta. A friendly lady named Signora Tascone from “Big Pocket Educational Incursions” taught us about pasta and the process involved to make it.

The ingredients were: 200g of flour, 200ml of water and 2 eggs. The dough was already prepared for us, so our task was to flatten out the dough and to feed the pasta through the pasta machine which cut it into fettuccine. I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. Thank you, Signora Di Muzio for organizing this. Photos from left – My class working on the pasta, shaking flour onto the pasta, my pasta with burnt butter and sage sauce.



Today the 5/6s participated in Pasta Making workshops. First they were welcomed with the Fisarmonica and then they began making Tagliatelle. All of the students took their pasta home to cook. I hope they enjoy it.

Buon Appetito!





IMG_5217 IMG_5215 IMG_5188 IMG_5214

Prayer Interviews


Prayer Interviews download

3/4G have been learning about Prayer this term. They had to interview two people in their family and had to ask them 3 questions. Here are some of their responses. 

What does prayer mean to you?

A time to talk with God on my own

Deep thoughts about morals and family

Building a relationship and connection with God

A time to communicate hopes and thoughts

When and where do you pray?

During breakfast time

Before dinner/Night time

When it is completely silent

When I am feeling angry

How do you like to communicate with God?

Taking time out to be thankful, grateful and appreciative for what God has created and given us

I like to pray to God

Communicate through quiet thoughts

Through Meditation and relaxation

How do you like to communicate with God? Comment below!