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On the first day back of Term 3 the 1/2 level was lucky enough to have a special guest. Shaun Atley (Lily’s cousin from 1/2J) is a North Melbourne football player who came into our school to talk to us about his sport.  We asked a bucket full of questions about being a football player and Shaun was fantastic at answering them. We found out that any Collingwood player is his enemy and his favourite football team was St Kilda when he was little. 

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9 thoughts on “Football Player Visit

  1. Your guys are so lucky to meet Shaun Atley.
    Shaun Atley is one of my favourite football player.
    Even though I go for HAWKS(HAWTHORN) he is still one of my favourite players.
    🙂 🙂

  2. I was so excited to have my cousin visit my school. I’m so lucky to have a cousin who plays AFL. My cousin is so cool!!!! Go Shauny!!!

  3. It’s so cool that Shaun Atley came to see all the 1/2’s 1/2J got a photo with him before any of the other classes came once they did we all asked a question my question was “What’s it like travelling all around Australia? on the photo I’m at the very back.

  4. It was great to meet Shaun Atley from North Melbourne. It was nice for him to come and visit our school and answer all of our questions. I follow the Blues and my favourite player is Kade Simpson. I play football for Templestowe Dockers with my friends and my number is 6 just like Kade.

  5. I had so much fun when Shaun Atley came to our school to see all of the 1/2s. He made it sound like being a footy player is lots of fun. I wish he played for my team Collingwood. We hope he comes to visit again next year.

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