My trip to the GREAT WALL!

My trip to the Great Wall of China!!

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My name is Ava from 3/4G. Me and my family went on an amazing holiday to China over the school holidays. Here are some pictures from our trip. The Great Wall of China is huge and it is way too long to walk the whole way. We found out that people think you can see the wall from space, BUT you actually can’t – it’s a myth!!

Here are some other fun facts:

  • —Did you know that the Great Wall of china is 21,000 kms long.
  • —It was built to prevent attacks and invasions from the North
  • —It is not one continuous wall, it is made up of sections
  • —The first parts of the wall were built over 2,000 years ago
  • —It is the longest structure ever built by humans
  • —A really crazy fact I found out is that while in the process of building the wall they used goats to transport the bricks up, that would take forever!

8 thoughts on “My trip to the GREAT WALL!

  1. wow in the pictures it looks VEEERRRY LONNNGGGGG 21,000 km did you say? thats VERRYY LONNGG!
    Hope you had an AMAZING TIME Ava!!

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