Special Buddy Time!

Buddy Times are special! Grade 3/4KC love sharing and working together with their buddy in 1/2J!

This week we shared ‘Our Favourite Things’ that we like and have in common. Some of these were the foods we like, colours, clothes, stories, hair or eye colours and many more.


Here are some comments 3/4’s would like to share about their buddy activity:-

We had a great time learning what our Buddy like and what we have in common. – Hannah

It was lots of fun drawing pictures, reading together and sharing work. – Hudson

It was exciting to see each other after the holidays and we had a lovely time. – Olivia M

It was great to know what we and our buddy like and have in common. – Reyhan

I had a great time enjoying and learning some of the differences between ourselves. – Lucus F

We all like having time with our buddies and sharing things we like. – Elyssia

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