What do you know about the Sun, Moon, Earth System?

In 3/4 we  learning about our amazing universe. these past two weeks we have investigated the Sun, Moon, Earth System. We have made working models of the system where the Earth spins and orbits the Sun, and the Moon orbiting the Earth. 

Paige: The Earth is 100 times smaller than the Sun.

Lucas: The Moon orbits around the Earth, The Earth orbits around the Sun. it takes the Earth a year to orbit around the sun.

Alessia P: the Earth is four times larger than the Sun.

Stephanie: The Earth spins around the sun, while the Moon rotates around the Earth.

Here are some of our working models of the Sun, Moon, Earth System.  What do you know about this important System? Let us know! 

One thought on “What do you know about the Sun, Moon, Earth System?

  1. Very creative work 3/4S.
    Looks like everyone has been learning interesting and fun facts about the Sun, Moon and earth system.

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