NCAB Conference Day 2

Aaron, Alyssa, Imogen and Michael did an outstanding job being part of the youth panel at the NCAB 2016 conference today. To be in front of a room full of adults and answer the questions put to them was an amazing experience to be part of. I was so very proud of all our students (Emi, Daniel, Francesca and Zac on Thursday and Aaron, Alyssa, Imogen and Michael on Friday) who participated in this conference and the feedback from those in attendance of our eight students was amazing to hear.

Huge thanks to the parents ( Sharon Brearley Roberts, Debbie Di Luzio, Brigid Moran, Tiffany Do, Mathew and Danni Staley) who gave up their day to drive the children in and out of the conference and who looked after the students in their care. I know they were all very proud of these young people.

NCAB youth panel our kids NCAB youth panel

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  1. Not only did the kids (and parents of) have a great experience – we all got an insight into how much work Mrs Cahill does for the Alannah and Madeline foundation – of which many kids, and all of the kids at St Charles greatly benefit. Thank you Sue Cahill !

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