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Hi everyone! It’s Indi the Library Monitor here. I have decided that each week I will post a review on a book that we have in the library. If you have any ideas on some books I could review, please tell me in the comments. Thanks, Indi.

The first book that I would like to present you with is …the Harry Potter series!

ย ย harry-potter-books

The Harry Potter series is a wonderful and magical series brought to you by J.K Rowling! I love these books because they are so descriptive and it feels like it’s real! These books are famous for the wonderful writing.

I would say that only the first three books are appropriate for years 3/4 and up, but the next books in the series are more for 5/6s.

I rate these books 10/10!

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  1. Great recommendation Indi and this is a great idea for a regular blog post as I know students are always looking for recommendations for good books. Great work :)!

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