STARLAB’S visit to St Charles

                                                 IMG_1478Starlab  an inflatable dome, came to St Charles last Friday. The 3/4 level was treated to an exciting incursion where we were lucky to see the night sky, constellation graphics, and Earth maps in the Starlab Cosmodome.

We learnt about the size of the Sun which keeps Earth warm and enables all living things to continue living. Did you know that there are other bodies in the universe that are much bigger and larger that the sun? The images below show this.

IMG_1490         IMG_1491


We also saw images of the constellations. IMG_1503 

Did you also know that August is one of the best months of the year to observe the night sky?  During August we can see some of the planets with the naked eye- that is without telescopes.  During the last week of August you will be able to see Mars, Saturn, and the red star Antares. On August 27 you will be be lucky enough to see both Venus and Jupiter as they come together. this will not occur again until the year 2065. So why not go out and see what you can see in the night sky? Let us know what you observe. 

9 thoughts on “STARLAB’S visit to St Charles

  1. Alexis loved it. She was telling me about it and googled it to show me.
    Such lucky children!! wish I had these types of resource and learning experience when I was at school.

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