School Wide Positive Behaviour Activity

In 3/4KC, we have been writing song raps for this term’s focus expectations! The emphasis was to “always be respectful” by using kind words! or being aware of others!

We hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to keep a rhythm and beat, and also add your ‘doof, doof’s’ or ‘swoosh, swoosh’ between the lines!

Use kind words every day – come along and say . . .

M is for manners, mmm.

G is for greetings.

K is for kind comments.

What were you going to say?

Use all your manners, do it today. That’s all I got to say.

Use kind words every day. Yay!     – Georgia & Hannah


Hi, I’m Bianca I’m and part of the kind patrol.

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m part of the kind patrol.

Hi, I’m Kana and I’m part kind patrol.

And we’ve got a message for you, so listen and respect.

Show respect, drop to the ground.

Use kind Words and spin around. – Bianca, Olivia & Kana



Yo! We’re the radical rappers three

And we’re here to tell you to respect your peers!!!  OOOhh!

Use polite words when talking to them,

Can I please have a pen!!!  OOOhh! 

When someone is hurt we take good care,

And in no time they will get repaired! OOOhh!  – Nick, Thomas & Massimo


Respect, respect.

We do it when you least expect!

Correct, correct.

There is no real way, you just have to say –

‘Have a nice day!’    – Sabina & Lucas

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